Freak Show

Dirty Shirt

Such an original sound, and in a sort of way the musical direction, that I […]
By Lateishah Schultz
March 31, 2014
Dirty Shirt - Freak Show album cover

Such an original sound, and in a sort of way the musical direction, that I have never heard before is exactly what DIRTY SHIRT's new album "Freak Show" is all about. Multiple different sounds are packed into one album which I personally find as shocking - in the best way possible, but I never imagined that I could actually like this kind of shindig. All hell breaks loose with a Modern Metal, humoristic Hard Rock and a funky kind of Balkan vibe all around, and it felt good.

The opening track entitled "Ride" was intriguing and made me want to listen to the rest of the album right away, which I did for several times after. It basically sucked me in with some of the drumming right in the beginning, and then the acoustic-toned guitar pushing it into the background. The next two tracks, "Bad Apples" and "Freak Show," completely explain the name of the album. If I could use one word to describe both tracks, it would be madness. Both songs were completely original, with an allover circus feel. "Away" is a more emotional and somber song. Towards the end it turns into something much heavier, giving the emotional effect.

After listening to this album, I was still in a state of shock that a band nowadays could be so original with their Metal as it is very hard to create something out of scratch that would sound distinct from others. I was blown away by this album and I'm already excited for the next. Show me more stuff guys I am waiting.

8 / 10


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"Freak Show" Track-listing:

1. Ride
2. Bad Apples
3. Freak Show
4. Trust Me
5. Away
6. The Business of Life
7. Never Say Never
8. This Is The Day
9. Saraca Inima Me
10. Extreme Funky Disco
11. Rocks Off

Dirty Shirt Lineup:

Dan "Rini" Craciun - Vocals
Robi "Metalistu" Rusz - Vocals
Mihai Tividar - Guitar and synth
Cristi Balanean - Guitar
Pali Novelli - Bass
Vlad "X" Toca - Drums

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