DIPYGUS were formed by Dustin, Sam, and Dayan in 2015 and they are from Monterey […]
January 28, 2021
Dipygus - Bushmeat album cover

DIPYGUS were formed by Dustin, Sam, and Dayan in 2015 and they are from Monterey Bay, California. They are a Death Metal band. Prior to their new album, they released one demo, one EP, and one full-length album. "Bushmeat" was released via Spanish label Memento Mori which is specialized in Death and Doom Metal. The album has a length of approximately 37 minutes.

"Bushmeat" is an album that leans towards the classical Death Metal formula including all elements that have been used especially back in the nineties. After a short intro, the first two songs "St. Augustine, FL 1896" and "The Khumjung Scalp" provide the whole range of Death Metal: powerful guitar riffs, hammering drums at high speed including blast-beat attacks, deep lying guttural vocals, crunching bass lines, and even horror movie samples. "St. Augustine, FL 1896" also includes some sick lead guitar sequences. "The Khumjung Scalp" has a more distorted song structure with some mid-tempo breaks in which darkness of the riffing prevails.

The middle part of the album is more dominated by a dark and doom-laden sound and more complex song structures. "Osteodontokeratic Savagery" is mostly played at slow tempo and contains a large portion of Doom Metal elements, heavy and melancholic riffs and lead guitar sequences that reminded me on very early PARADISE LOST releases. The second half of the song returns to a faster approach with chaotic riffing, fast drum play and a few very good and contributing lead guitar solos. "Plasmoidal Mass (Slime Mold)" continues with the dark and slow to mid-tempo approach. There are long instrumental parts during the song that drag on and on. Highlight of the song is again the lead guitar. The title song is the longest song on the album with almost seven minutes and is not very much different from the preceding songs. It is played at higher tempo though but still in the mid-tempo range for most of it. The guitar riffs and lead guitar sequences remain dark although the slow and dark doomy parts are a bit repetitive and it sounds as heard before. "Long-Pig Feast" is in principle not different from the previous songs with the guitar riffs and the rhythm being a bit catchier. The song has been uploaded to YouTube by the label and the link is given below.

DIPYGUS provide with "Myiasis In Human Mouth" a more classical Death Metal finale with higher tempo, crunching guitar riffs, head-banging rhythm for most of the time and a simple song structure. The lead guitar solos are, once more, at high level and contributing to the song. "Bushmeat" is a traditional Death Metal album with a portion of Doom Metal elements. Although there are many similarities to Death Metal classics, DIPYGUS keep their own style. Many of the songs are quite complex in structure with many twists and breaks, however, especially the middle part of the album is repetitive. The sound on "Bushmeat" is raw, aggressive and has some unique characteristics. The album is well produced although I would have loved to hear more vocals. DIPYGUS release a solid Death Metal album which will have their share of fans and it would be interesting to see them playing their songs live in the future.

8 / 10









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"Bushmeat" Track-listing:

1. Ape Sounds
2. St. Augustine, FL 1896
3. The Khumjung Scalp
4. Osteodontokeratic Savagery
5. Plasmoidal Mass (Slime Mold)
6. Bushmeat
7. Long-Pig Feast
8. Myiasis In Human Mouth
9. Ape Sounds II

Dipygus Lineup:

Clarisa - Vocals
Sam - Guitars
Dustin ­ Guitars
Bog Stomper - Drums
Dayan - Bass, Vocals

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