The Mystery of Faith


If you're looking for a tasteful Death-Doom album to play through start to finish, you'll […]
By Logan Roach
February 24, 2015
Dionisyan - The Mystery of Faith album cover

If you're looking for a tasteful Death-Doom album to play through start to finish, you'll not want to miss this cold and stormy monstrous album from DIONYSIAN! All ten tracks seemingly run together as if the entire album is an approximately 65 minute long odyssey filled with signature Death Metal vocals and classic style Doom Metal riffs. Also featured on "The Mystery of Faith" are melodic passages played on a lute! That's right! A lute, and I must say it completed the feeling conveyed throughout by contrasting the overall Sludge-based Doom riffs with some Classical melodious highlights as if to compel thoughts and images of a full moon distantly glowing behind dark thunder clouds.

Another observation made when listening to this album is how it almost sounds like a slowed down version of DETHKLOK's general musical and vocal rhetoric. That stood out as a grand quality seeing as how it isn't every day you get a smile and even a chuckle out of listening to a Death-Doom album, so major kudos to DIONSIYAN for making that happen for the first and possibly last time ever with such a listening experience.

As many albums conceived along the same lines of "The Mystery of Faith", this one was written and recorded with one two official band members! First off, you have Tregor Russo on all studio instruments which include 7-string guitars, Classical guitars, 5-string bass guitars, a lute as mentioned previously, drums and keyboards. Next, Ignazio Conticello covers all vocal tracks. Current live/touring members are either unknown or unofficial at least to my own knowledge and research. I do believe though that such arrangements greatly attribute to the success of the album. Success of course referring to how the fans will respond to it versus the rat-race of mainstream Metal bands.

While the album is comprised of very subtle track changes start to finish, would I listen to this album in the future? You bet I would as it was a great ice-breaker of the monotony of the vast majority of Metal albums that have "single material" tracks. Death-Doom is a great exception to the unspoken rule of singles, and I would say that's what makes this genre so great in general.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"The Mystery of Faith" Track-listing:

1. Shadows of Destiny
2. Lilith (Angel of Seduction)
3. Lost Time
4. Clouds Under the Moon (Missa Defunctorum)
5. Chain of Thorns
6. Torment and Ecstacy
7. Stigmatized (Touch My Hands)
8. Lament of Dying Angel (Requiem)

Dionisyan Lineup:

Tregor Russo - All Instruments
Ignazio Conticello - Vocals

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