Shrine of the Wanderer

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's Powersquad

POWERSQUAD is the Solo project of Ukrainian musician, better known when acting as mastermind of […]
By YngwieViking
February 5, 2016
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's Powersquad - Shrine of the Wanderer album cover

POWERSQUAD is the Solo project of Ukrainian musician, better known when acting as mastermind of MAJESTY OF REVIVAL, the virtuoso guitarist Dimitriy Pavlovskiy!

MAJESTY OF REVIVAL sound is set in great fashion mixing some Progressive Power Metal with strong Neoclassical influences and Symphonic Metal elements, darker and heavier than their regular contestant with an obvious Balkan tainted feeling! The additional influences are numerous, from Thrash to cinematic but the mood is definitively ranged in the intellectual music, setting toward sad atmospheres, dramatic & chaotic spirit, cold soundscapes and dystopian futuristic themes...If the first track "Journey" unleash the traditional wave of Power Metal blast namely the double kick onslaught and some insane Neo-Classical guitar blast with the incredible fast lines in the bombastic spirit of his previous works... Enhanced by a dual solo with the guest keyboardist Sergey Boykov.

Nevertheless, the third POWERSQUAD's album "Shrine of the Wanderer" will sounds unusual for some people still highly technical but less characteristic or tagged, with some new elements from Techno-Thrash ("Contour") or borrowed to the new ambitious Prog Metal scene ("Spectrophobia" or the title track)...And a fresh particularity in bringing a lot of dissonant keyboards parts... A great demonstration of Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's songwriting capacities.

The pace is quite diverse from one song to the other, the colors are also spread in multiple visions... The songs are driven by the unpredictable majestic harmonies ("Molder") and a new found Energetic dimension with mixed antagonist vocals ("Bohyňa Usvitu") but perhaps the strong will to reach virgin horizons ("Natural Ground" with its weird electronic loop) by created a never seen amalgam in this style! A genre that will never found, its own limits, since those talented players will have so much implication in the creative process.

The undeniable skills and instrumental genius uplifted by creativity, as best evidenced on stands-outs numbers as "Abacinate"or "Journey", this eleven song album is full of breakneck guitar riffs & a few ethereal moments due to smartly crafted, keyboards layers in perfect homogeny, demanding, fiery, soaring, just plain thrilling... Recommended for the curious minds and the open minded headbangers impassioned by the Power Metal and its evolution... In constant mutation!

8 / 10


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"Shrine of the Wanderer" Track-listing:

1. Journey
2. Spectrophobia
3. Molder
4. Contour
5. Natural Ground
6. Bohyňa Usvitu
7. Abacinate
8. Screaming Pain
9. Meacock
[Bonus Track]10. Abandonned Shrine of the Wanderer
11. Forgotten Nights

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's Powersquad Lineup:

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy - Guitars/Folk Instruments
Tomi Penzel - Bass
Oleksa Dynnyk - Vocals
Ruslan Mikolyuk - Keyboards
Vasily Irzhak - Drums

Yuriy Garagal - Saxophone
Mikhail Grudinin - Growling (track 6)
Nikita "Mad Warrior" Merzlyakov - Keyboards (track 6)
Maciej "Rocker" Wróblewski - vocals (track 1)
Sergey Boykov - Keyboards (track 1)
Nelly Hanael - Vocals (female track 6)

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