Project Destiny


Project Destiny is the first full-length effort by these Austrians, with Swedish singer Jake E. […]
By Grigoris Chronis
August 8, 2008
Dignity - Project Destiny album cover

Project Destiny is the first full-length effort by these Austrians, with Swedish singer Jake E. now in front of the band. Napalm Records' quote is Melodic Hard Rock, making me expecting something kinds different from what I eventually listened to. Overcoming the 'labeling' information, this is a mixed album that - weird enough - sounds good enough but rather also mixed my concluding thoughts.
Roland Navratil was known to some as a member of Symphonic metallers EDENBRIDGE plus touring drummer for Gothic metallers SIRENIA, the time he formed DIGNITY with Frank Pitters in 2006. Two years later, Project Destiny is now out as the band's debut album and - from what I got into a dozen of times - DIGNITY steps on various stones. One direction, it's the 'pomp' aura of ROYAL HUNT with overloaded keys parts, next path we see the likes of Symphonic euro Metal (like some of EDENBRIDGE), subsequent course stands on the efficiency of current German 'fat' Heavy Metal like EDGUY or MASTERPLAN while end route rows at Scandinavia's melodic bands like e.g. DREAMLAND (newcomer singer Lake E. was their singer in prior) or (some of 'moody') EUROPE.
The album is not an exhausting one, since there's lots of melody and tempo changes (no, no 'prog' stuff here) with some notable vocals by Jake E., but - in my poor opinion - the big drawback of this CD is that once you end up listening to it you will rarely remember any particular tune. Specific songparts will remind you of 'that something' but nothing thrilling will you be able to find in the end. The album is
Kinda 'moody' or theatrical or dramatic or call it what you want, in general, and that's a field DIGNITY shows sufficient ability in. Did bring in mind some of late CONCEPTION, too, at times.
I think fans of ROYAL HUNT/DREAMLAND/EDENBRIDGE should try it; they won't be disappointed. Anyway, even if not something we could speak months for in regards to, Project Destiny, at least, awards the band's name. If I could come up with a pair of fave tracks, the grade would be even higher, I guess.
P.S.: The take on Chris DeBurgh's Don't Pay The Ferryman is cool.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Project Destiny" Track-listing:

Project Destiny
Arrogance And Rapture
Cry In Despair
Dreams Never Die
Inner Circles Sympathy
The Edge Of The Blade
Inner Demons
Don't Pay The Ferryman

Dignity Lineup:

Jake E. - Vocals
Martin Mayr - Guitars
Frank Pitters - Keys
John Boy Bastard - Bass
Roland Navratil - Drums

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