Balance Of Power


The story called DIGNITY started back in fall of 2006, with its debut album coming […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
October 14, 2013
Dignity - Balance Of Power album cover

The story called DIGNITY started back in fall of 2006, with its debut album coming out two years later titled "Project Destiny". One year later the preparation of the second album started. As it happens usually due to technically problems, and lineup change recording was postponed. Now, DIGNITY is back with second chapter in their story called "Balance Of Power".

The album starts with bombastic melodic Metal track "Rebel Empire", with nicely balanced keyboard entries, guitar solos and symphonic elements. Next track "Save Me" enchants with its simplicity and enormous amount of energy bursting from every note. "Rise" brings in the choirs that give the track the AYREON-esque tone, while the guitars keep reminding one of amazing NIRVANA riffs. "Shackles Of War" is darker, heavier, HAMMERFALL-like track with some awesome guitar solos ripping through. Next up its Power Metal force called "Lion Attack". "Angels Cry" is heavier and more punchy track, just think of collaboration between SONATA ARCTICA and KAMELOT and you`ll get the idea. Some extremely good solos got trapped on this track. When you take all the best out of Power Metal and Hard Rock you get one powerful ballad "The Day I Die", that by the sound resembles of the greatest power ballades of the 80`s. "Freedom Reign" is yet another ballad, with heavier riffs and perfect guitar solos. It combines all the things you`ve heard before on this album into one track perfectly. The album closes up with piano driven ballad "Help Me Call My Name".

"Balance of Power" is well balanced album, with great amount of diversity. The songs are diverse enough not to make this release monotonous and compact enough not to make it look like a compilation. So, I guess it stands up to its name. DIGNITY proved that they`re well talented and diverse band. It would be a shame that this Austrian guys don`t get the international attention they deserve.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Balance Of Power" Track-listing:

1. Rebel Empire
2. Save Me
3. Rise
4. Shackles Of War
5. Lion Attack
6. Angels Cry
7. The Day I Die
8. Freedom Reign
9. Help Me Call My Name

Dignity Lineup:

Søren Adamsen - Vocals
Phil Porter - Guitars
John Boy Bastard - Bass
Frank Pitters - Keyboards
Roland Navratil - Drums

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