Day Of Reckoning


This is a re-release of the Now or Never Records release, Day Of Reckoning, and […]
By Ian Kaatz
May 22, 2005
Diecast - Day Of Reckoning album cover

This is a re-release of the Now or Never Records release, Day Of Reckoning, and as far as I can tell there is nothing different about it. However, I think the point of the release is that a) Diecast is more popular now and b) it was never really released in Europe. Well, what a present for all the European Metalcore lovers. Diecast has to be without a doubt, from my point of view, the best in Metalcore. Enjoy.
Perpetual War, the first demo from Diecast, was released all the way back in 1997. True, not really that long ago, but for Metalcore that's damn near ancient. Their first commercial release was called Undo The Wicked and was released through Samson Records. After a good amount of touring, they were picked up by Now or Never Records and also released Day Of Reckoning the first time in Feb. 2001.  Now in 2005, they have a new album out. Tearing Down Your Blue Skies, different singer, one different guitarist and a different drummer, as well as being on Century Media Records. Century Media decided to buy the rights to Day Of Reckoning and re-release it now that they are more popular, and that brings us up to date.
Through this entire record the band does not quit; never quits being brutal (music wise), never quits throwing in the melodic vocals and quite being a bunch of savages. I love this release and I loved it since the first time it was released. They were the first Metalcore band I was ever into, and still easily the best. With subject matter diversifying from personal issues to political, this just has so much variety.
I cannot stress this enough, that this release is probably one of the flawless releases within the genre. From its devastating double bass to its thumping bass lines, guitar parts that are all over the place, and not to mention the vocal prowess of Colin, who in my opinion totally dominates over the new guy; not that they new guy is not good, but Colin just has this rawness that is just too awesome.
I am going to plead like a little child for you to get this release: Go get the this album, go get this album, go get this album, go get this album...etc. I think you get the point, whether you like Hardcore, Metal or Metalcore, please pick up this release!
- Album Highlights: Every brutal second!

10 / 10


"Day Of Reckoning" Track-listing:

In The Shadows
Singled Out
Exacting My Revenge
Remember the Fallen
Invent the Truth
Day of Reckoning

Diecast Lineup:

Colin Schleifer - Vocals
Jonathan Kita - Guitar
Kirk Kolatis - Guitar
Jeremy Wooden - Bass
Jason Costa - Drums

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