Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)

Die Kunst der Finsternis

On October 31, 2019, DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS will release a third full-length album titled […]
By Cherie Wong
October 22, 2019
Die Kunst der Finsternis - Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum) album cover

On October 31, 2019, DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS will release a third full-length album titled "Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)" via collaboration between Lamech Records and Amor Fati Productions. The name of the band is German for "The Art of Darkness". The band is the solo project of Deacon D., formed in 2007 in Sweden. You may know him from his other black metal band HETROERTZEN.

The release date is perfect because even when I was not aware that the album would be released on Halloween, I had thought to myself that this is perfect Halloween music. It is spooky and campy in the best way. The genre is hard to pinpoint, but he labels it "horror metal," and who am I to disagree? There are plenty of doom-laden passages filled with ominous slow riffs intermingled with a few traditional black metal guitar riffs and screams. The vocals are sinister through and through, whether they're spoken or growled. Though the production is raw, it adds to the style of the album.

"Carnival of the Undead" begins with a slow riff and an eerie spoken word passage. It speeds up briefly, while the eerie vocals continue. An unsettling laugh track breaks up the song. "Grotesque" maintains the ominous atmosphere with chants and great drumming. The drumming and organ continue throughout for a sense of continual unease. Although the song eventually ends, the feeling never lets up before the song "Madame Tuberculosis." This track maintains the atmosphere with constant background chanting and creepy instrument backing tracks.

Next is the track "Raised from Decay." An organ sound is used to great effect throughout the track and contributes to building the dark atmosphere of the record. "Chasing Bleached Memories" has the best guitar tone of the record. The ever-building riffs crescendo with the maddening spoken vocals. "The End of Time - Miseria" is my favorite due to the tension built with blast beats and background chanting. The beginning of the next track "Neophobic Delirium" begins with a violin, a welcome addition. The rock 'n' roll style of this song is also a good change of pace.

Overall, I recommend the album to fans of Black and Gothic metal. It is for a fan of all that is dark and occult and not for a casual listener. However, if you sit down and truly listen to this record, you will find that it grows on you, like I had.

7 / 10









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"Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)" Track-listing:

1. Carnival of the Undead
2. Grotesque
3. Madame Tuberculosis
4. Raised from Decay
5. Chasing Bleached Memories
6. The End of Time - Miseria
7. Exhumation
8. Neophobic Delirium
9. Vampirismus

Die Kunst der Finsternis Lineup:

Deacon D. - All Instruments

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