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Founded in 2018, DIE KLUTE is a power trio consisting of the best contributors and/or […]
By Kayla Hutton
February 20, 2019
Die Klute - Planet Fear album cover

Founded in 2018, DIE KLUTE is a power trio consisting of the best contributors and/or pioneers of Electronic, Industrial/Metal. Unleashing their debut "Planet Fear" February 1st, 2019 via Cleopatra Records. What makes DIE KLUTE so badass? Well, let us perform a quick dissection. Jurgen Engler, formed DIE KRUPPS in the '80s, delivering music derived from the sounds of factory machines hard at work as percussion, progressing into the utilization of synths, and later on applying a bit of metal. While not most are not familiar with it DIE KRUPPS released an electronic tribute album to METALLICA. Claus Larsen formed LEATHER STRIP in the late '80s. Releasing a "symphonic electro" album, and making his mark with anti-nazi and politically motivated lyrical content. Dino Cazares is the machine gun fire guitarist from FEAR FACTORY. Now we can stitch up this mega monster and as a whole, you have DIE KLUTE.

"Planet Fear" isn't serving up anything that hasn't already been done, meaning it's dirty gritty industrial metal. Dark synth work, metallic percussion, and a punchy electronic EBM kick drum, razor-sharp guitar riffs, and ad a little megaphone style distortion to the vocals. When "Planet Fear" began with its opener, "If I Die", I instantly knew the recipe. In my musical blender, I tossed in FRONT 242, (old) PITCHSHIFTER, and KMFDM. "If I Die" packs an industrial hammer-like punch and the type of groove found on FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY's "Millenium" album. A catchy combination of palm muted guitar notes that fall in line with the beat.

"Rich Kid Loser" has a fast-paced tempo with synth additions giving it a real KMFDM feel. This is, for me, the albums most catchy track. Hearing it only once and hours later finding yourself signing it in your head. A short and sweet chorus line worthy of easily being a liberating concert hit. Easy to sing along to and justified fist pounding. The only downfall, the song is too short. It seems to end abruptly, however, the desire for more is satisfied by continued listening.

What really caught my eye and ears was the cover of PUBLIC ENEMY's 1988 classic "She Watch Channel Zero?!". For some reason, PUBLIC ENEMY is always appealing to a metal band, as there are a lot of covers out there. DIE KLUTE add their own unique flair to it and breathe modern life into it. I haven't heard a PUBLIC ENEMY cover this good since ANTHRAX in the '90s doing "Bring the Noise". Given the topic, this track is actually pretty fitting for an industrial metal band.

Overall "Planet Fear" is an industrialists delight. Serving up and old school signature sound and brought by some serious powerhouses. There are plenty of samples, thick and bleak synth sounds and marching stomp beats. The only member who did dabble outside of their box is Dino. Rather than the rapid-fire guitar chugging at break neck speeds to match every triggered double bass kick, he is slowed down and emphasizing some stabs in the form of brief palm muted power chords and motion on the fretboard. He isn't even tuned down as low as his work with FEAR FACTORY.
These guys are a great match up and hopefully, there will be some shows and they continue to crank out primo industrial metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Planet Fear" Track-listing:

1. If I Die
2. Out Of Control
3. The Hangman
4. Rich Kid Loser
5. For Nothing
6. Human Error
7. It's All In Vain
8. Born For A Cause
9. Infectious
10. Push The Limit
11. Channel Zero
12. MOFO

Die Kulte Lineup:

Jürgen Engler - Vocals/Programming
Claus Larsen - Vocals/Programming
Dino Cazares - Guitar

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