Quitters & Complainers

Diamond Dogs

Rock 'n' Roll..... Is it not one of the most amazing things there are on […]
By Christian van Millingen
September 30, 2015
Diamond Dogs - Quitters & Complainers album cover

Rock 'n' Roll..... Is it not one of the most amazing things there are on this planet? Raw vocals, raw guitars, and sometimes.... True talent!

The guys from Diamond Dogs have once again made one hell of an album! This amazing work consists of one studio album, with in my opinion is quite the amazing work, and one live album, of which the audience should have been more active because a crappy crowd makes a live album less appealing somehow.

Anyway, the record starts off with the song "Runaway Romeo", not the strongest song on the album, yet one good appearance. Vocals are indeed amazing, and we can find the artful guitar work here, as well. Listening through to the third song "Stop Barking Up The Wrong Tree", the album kicks in even harder. The music is just catchy, which makes it quite nice. The switch to "Broken" is just smooth. Small acoustic song makes this listen actually seem somewhat more emotional, personal. Nice touch.

Even the next song here surprises me. "Silver Star Delight" is just one of the top songs I found on this album. The intro is just one groovy bass line with some piano, with the guitar work filling in. Beautiful part here, because this sounds fresh, yet old, like some polished Rock 'n' Roll album.

So far on the studio album, the live part is, in my opinion, always to be seen as a whole. The switch from the first song, "Bound To Ravage" to "Rush For Comfort", is not quite the way to get an audience cracking. But the continuation is very nice. From "Every Little Crack" to "Lift It Up", the Rock 'n' Roll goes hard, and there, "Yesterday's Nymph" creates another slow. Quite nice here, because you are in the rocking mood, and you could use it somewhere, but maybe still too early? Oh well, the nice guitar solo makes up for it.

The next two songs are just plain Rock again, but then, this amazing thing comes along; a perfect display of skill and joy, one hell of a jam. Seriously, jamming could have covered this entire album, made it 10/10, but well, it is not like that, so we must go on why it is only 8/10.

Just to stop boring you on the details; the studio album is amazing, definitely the higher part of the rating, but the live album is just quite mediocre on it's build up. The skill of the artists is definitive, and the feel is just good, so the 8 points are definitively low for this kind of band, but sometimes, life is a "Rollercoaster".<

8 / 10


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"Quitters & Complainers" Track-listing:

1. Runaway Romeo
2. Alright, Alright, Alright
3. Stop Barking Up The Wrong Tree
4. Broken
5. Silver Star Delight
6. Back To Babylon
7. Black Ribbons (For Magic)
8. Goodbye Troubled Soul
9. Rollercoaster
10. Out Of My Heart
Bonus CD "Let's Have It - Live in Bilbao"
1. Bound To Ravage
2. Rush For Comfort
3. Every Little Crack
4. Goodbye Miss Jill
5. Autopilot
6. Lift It Up
7. Yesterday's NYMPH
8. Honked
9. Raise A Holler
10. Brick Chase Bilbao (Jam)
11. Passing Through My Heart
12. Somebody Else's Lord
13. On The Sunny Side Again
14. Sad To Say I'm Sorry
15. The Band
16. Wild Side Of Life
17. Don't Turn Me Away
18. Not Guilty (Jam)

Diamond Dogs Lineup:

Sören 'Sulo' Karlsson - Vocals
Lars Karlsson - Guitar
Henrik 'The Duke of Honk' Widén - Keyboard
Martin Tronsson - Bass
Johannes Nordell - Drums
Magic - Saxophone

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