Ad Vitam Reditus


One problem occasionally faced in music that is very difficult to get around is the […]
By Jacob Dawson
February 26, 2015
Diamante - Ad Vitam Reditus album cover

One problem occasionally faced in music that is very difficult to get around is the language barrier. This is more of a problem in some genres than others, when the lyrics are more or less important in the overall musical experience.  For Italian band DIAMANTE, the lyrical importance is fairly minimal as what they deliver through their multi-linguistic instruments transcends any meaning that words can offer.

Citing influences such as DEEP PURPLE and URIAH HEEP, their old-school roots have been adapted wonderfully to the 21st century through the constant presence of synth and some wonderfully technical solos. Nico's vocals are well-developed and tuneful despite his words making no sense to these ears, although he did seem to be ever so slightly turned down in volume compared to the rest of the band. This is not a bad thing though; because I wasn't listening to the lyrics, my ears naturally focused on the guitars, drums and general tune of the vocals anyway so in fact our language difference may have been a boon.

The overall highlight track is probably "Pagliaccio", beginning with tonnes of synth right out of the gate along with the always-welcome "wa-wa" guitar style. Later on we transition into a blinding solo, before moving onto the slightly slower-tempo "Vedi Fidello". Next is "Ballo", which is undoubtedly the most light-hearted sounding and fun track of the release, sounding a lot like a sea shanty. The only trouble is that since it leans heavily on the vocals, for someone who can't understand them the track as a whole seems slightly too long overall.

Another highlight of the band's third studio album is the final track "Ballata Del Buon Vino", which begins with an odd blend of IRON MAIDEN-style guitars with retro DEEP PURPLE keyboards, before taking us through the most varied track of the record.

If you're into fun, jaunty music with a Metallic twist then this is for you. It serves as proof that we can appreciate music from any culture, so long as it has a few great riffs to hook on to.

8 / 10


"Ad Vitam Reditus" Track-listing:

1. Pagliaccio
2. Vedi Fratello
3. Ballo
4. Angelo
5. Respirare
6. Profumo
7. Non Resisto
8. Gloria
9. Ballata Del Buon Vino

Diamante Lineup:

Nico Sala - Vocals, Bass
Claudio "Caio" Alloisio - Drums, Backing Vocals
Michele "Volpe" Spinoni - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alan Garda - Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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