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Diabolical Mental State

The little known Groove Metal band out of Lisbon, Portugal is back with their first […]
By Jean-François ''Jackal'' Poulin
September 12, 2019
Diabolical Mental State - Diabolical World album cover

The little known Groove Metal band out of Lisbon, Portugal is back with their first full-length album. This is five years after their EP called ''Basic Social Control''. They do a lot of touring in their native Portugal but aren't well known outside of their home country unfortunately. I chose the band because I really enjoy Groove Metal and I haven't heard about this band and I am all about new discoveries.

They have been unleashing their own brand of Metal throughout Portugal for the last 5-6 years and they are a band that talks about the trials and tribulations of the social scene. They talk about the injustices people live through and the way people of treated by society itself. They really criticize how the system works, this made me think about SUICIDAL TENDENCIES that talked about the corrupt society and how people were unfairly treated by the higher ups in society. They also talk about that huge division between the upper class and the middle class, how classless the higher class can be to the lower classes. I thought it was a nice touch and in general, a pretty important and powerful message. I will always enjoy something that you can connect lyrically and I thought they did a pretty good job throwing caution to the wind and willingly criticize what is going on in the world nowadays.

They channel a lot of different bands from the aforementioned Groove Metal genre. I mean they aren't very original but they took some of the best elements out of bands like CROWBAR, PANTERA and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. It won't reinvent the wheel nonetheless. It's highly enjoyable and you got some pretty damn good licks and riffs. It's a bit more basic than I thought it would be but it's pretty enjoyable. When I first listened to this album, they made me think about a new band I discovered a few weeks ago called TRIP 6, a Groove Metal band with some edge and attitude. As for the genre itself, you really have to experience it live to get that full effect in my honest opinion. You have to feel the music to the bone. On CD or Digital Release, it's not the same thing but this release was still a pleasant one to say the least. Let's hope they get discovered elsewhere than Portugal!

7 / 10









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"Diabolical World" Track-listing:

1. Initium Diabolicus
2. The Town
3. Home Invasion
4. Jungle
5. Elements of War
6. Dark Days
7. Anger Within
8. Children of the Tides

Diabolical Mental State Lineup:

Apache - Bass
Jonny - Lead Guitars
Fana - Vocals
Rafa - Drums
Isaac - Guitars

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