Stare Gledzby

Diabol Boruta

This is the second full length album from this band from Poland. I never heard […]
By Johnny Jackal
November 26, 2015
Diabol Boruta - Stare Gledzby album cover

This is the second full length album from this band from Poland. I never heard of them before and it wasn't very easy to find out some information about this band on the internet. I was able to find their Facebook page and few videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have an official web page, that would have been more helpful to get to know them better.

Well, most of the songs are in polish, this is something I always have some problems with. Not understanding the language of something I listening thoroughly does bug me. I am honest to say that it's not easy for me to pass that hurdle.

The music is quite good, I am a big fan of Folk Metal, I am a late bloomer in that sense and it took me a long time to enjoy this type of music and my brother did help me discover this particular style of music.

This band has a lot going for them and I really wish they will be known better in 2016 because they are really really good. This band makes me think of a mix of ARKONA, TROLLFEST and the festive side of ALESTORM and KORPIKLAANI. We have a lot of accordion like in TROLLFEST, the structure of the songs really remind me of the newer stuff from Russia's ARKONA. This is the best comparison I can give and both bands are bands that are a head above a lot of the bands in Folk Metal. Some songs are really festive and it's a party atmosphere, some songs to represent the more traditional folk music and it's a good balance.

Something I really enjoyed is the translation of two songs in English at the end of the album, that was a nice touch and it gives something to behold if they ever do more songs in English. A lot of people will also enjoy the cover song ''Vodka'' from the boys of KORPIKLAANI. A very festive song and might be the best song this band has ever put out. It's a great way to end a very good album.

8 / 10


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"Stare Gledzby" Track-listing:

1. ...poczqtek
2. Epos
3. Perun
4. Kikimora I Zboze
5. ...trzecia W Nocy...
6. Zency I Potudnica
7. Stare Gledzby
8. Srebrne Zmije
9. Bytem Ongis Debem
10. Lesnik
11. Vodka
12. Kikimora And The Grain
13. Of The Reapers And Field Maiden

Diabol Boruta Lineup:

Mirek ''Heniu'' Mamczur - Vocals, Guitars
Michat Balogh - Drums
Dawid Warchot - Keyboards
Michat ''Gilas'' Wyrwa - Guitars
Pawet Leniart - Vocals, Bass

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