When all the Rivers Are Silent


DIABLO is a Metal band with heavy sound, ambitious compositions and a Finnish national mentality, […]
Diablo - When all the Rivers Are Silent album cover

DIABLO is a Metal band with heavy sound, ambitious compositions and a Finnish national mentality, founded in Kalajoki in 1990. The band's first release for Sakara Records, "Icaros" (2008), has been found to be DIABLO's strongest in the minds of both critics and audiences. After "Icaros," it was seven years before the band heard new music. Inspired by the scientific world, "Silver Horizon" was published in September 2015. Forward seven years later, and the band is back with "Where all the Rivers Are Silent," which contains ten tracks.

"The Well of Grief" opens the album. It begins with piano notes followed by a heavy and aggressive riff. The vocals are half-shouted, half-harsh, and the guitar work is fairly intricate. Much of the melody comes from the chorus and a fantastic guitar solo. "Unhola" is a bit shorter, but with crushing intensity. The lead guitarist puts on a dazzling display of how one should compose a solo. It's not about wankery, but it's about enhancing the melody. "Grace Under Pressure" features tempo and key changes, along with clean vocals. It's a breath of fresh air, and the ambient passage that follows the second chorus is quite charming.

"Jack of All Mistakes" is another short burner that features some more intricate guitar work and, you guessed it, another great lead guitar solo. "Titan" begins with more atmospheric and symphonic elements to go along with the heavy riffing. Layers are added here for more complexity. Much of the power in the song comes after the bridge, and they drive it home with fervor. "The Stranger" opens with another bone-crushing riff with plenty of angst in the vocals. Ambient elements also build here, keeping the layers lush and attractive. "The Extinctionist" begins with an aggressive riff followed by meaty bass notes. Commanding power comes out of the melodies in the chorus, but tempered beauty comes from the piano notes.

"Shackles of Fear" is another short burst of energy, like a quick burning fire that explodes and then is gone. The melodies are very well developed in this song, and it's the perfect balance between brutality and beauty. "Parathon" opens with tense atmospheric tones that are soon supported by a dark riff. Another great guitar solo is created amidst the heavy tones in the song. "When the Rivers Are Silent" closes the album. Beginning with clean guitars, thick harmonies come in when the main riff drops. This song has all the necessary features of Melodic Death Metal...varied vocals, a trade-off of clean and distorted riffs, and some solemn atmospheric tones.

I would consider DIABLO to be a veteran band based on when they were formed. Perhaps the big gaps in time between albums kept the band fresh, or perhaps it's because of where they are from, for we all know the power of Finnish Metal. But this album is a very modern take on a genre that has been eroded now with time, and flooded with thousands of bands. The lead guitarist is a bright spot on the album for sure, but it's the raw aggression tempered with melodic elements that will keep you coming back for more.

8 / 10









"When all the Rivers Are Silent" Track-listing:

1. The Well of Grief
2. Unhola
3. Grace Under Pressure
4. Jack of All Mistakes
5. Titan
6. The Stranger
7. The Extinctionist
8. Shackles of Fear
9. Parathon
10. When the Rivers Are Silent

Diablo Lineup:

Aadolf Virtanen - Bass
Marko Utriainen - Guitars
Rainer Nygård - Guitars, Vocals
Heikki Malmberg - Drums

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