Hidden Places


This DGM CD is quite different than all their previous recordings in two big ways. […]
By Chiara Pellegrini
November 24, 2005
DGM - Hidden Places album cover

This DGM CD is quite different than all their previous recordings in two big ways. First off is the liberal use of odd time signatures found in Ύ of the material here. Next is the fact that the keyboards are more present, not just on the solos. There is a lot of atmospheric subtleties as well and some very interesting new sounds (well, I guess Dreamland did have some of these qualities but Hidden Places takes it to a new level).
Singer Titta Tani is a monster of a vocalist; he is with tons of power but no ball squeezing, thank you. In a way he reminds me of Russell Allen of Symphony-X and in another the way of The godfather of Metal, R.J. Dio, the way he gets down to some growling inflections when needed and he's very soft in the slow parts. Of worthy note are also drummer Fabio Costantino who plays in a very stratospheric way with an amazing double-bass-technique, together with Andrea Arcangeli (the bass player) and they form an awesome rhythm section. And then there's the awesome shred work of Diego Reali (from the Malmsteen school, for sure).
If you like Angra and Savatage but want a bit more technicality then this CD is for you but only this particular DGM album. Talking about the songs, this album contains a really good mix of styles, especially the first two tracks A Day Without The Sun and Save me - which both are really good examples of progressive melodic parts. Storm 351(my favorite) and Hidden Places are top class AOR songs. The ballads in this release, which are of fulfilling length, are three and, wow, what a fantastic feelings inside, good atmospheres, very good vocal parts and amazing arrangements. The last three songs are Blind - Jesus, I think this is perfect for the live set - The Age Of The Flames (so Power Metal) and last but not least Winter Breeze , a very sad song and long but not boring, trust me, because you'll find many examples of good music inside and at the last two minutes of the song there is the singer from Necrophagia (the legendary American Death Metal band where Titta is the actual drummer - yes, Titta is the singer in DGM and the drummer in Necrophagia) , Killjoy, that scream out like a devil all the pain and the anguish. And he does his best at it!
In the end, what can I say, we are in front of one of the best releases of 2003, as my colleagues from webzines and magazines from the whole world have written. Good work, guys, and if you want to know more about them, visit their amazing website.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Hidden Places" Track-listing:

A Day Without The Sun
Save Me
Hidden Places
Invisible Rain
Storm #351
Blind !!
The Age Of The Flames
Winter Breeze

DGM Lineup:

Titta Tani - Vocals
Diego Reali - Guitar
Fabio Costantino - Drums
Andrea Arcangeli - Bass
Fabio Sanges - Keyboards

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