Evil Summons Evil


DEVISER is here: this Hellenic darkness act with a long history with roots in the […]
By Kris Marsden
February 26, 2023
Deviser - Evil Summons Evil album cover

DEVISER is here: this Hellenic darkness act with a long history with roots in the purest metal music is back with their fifth album, "Evil Summons Evil", which comes nearly twelve years since the release of their last full-length "Seasons of Darkness" and five years plus since their "Howling Flames" EP was unleashed. DEVISER has unleashed "Evil Summons Evil." Officially released by Hammerheart Records on the 10th of February, 2023.

Before diving headfirst into the review, I'm aware of Hellenic Black Metal, with its sun-dappled mystical atmosphere, possessed a bit of a romantic atmosphere, and artists such as ASTARTE, ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTICFLESH and AMBROTOS-simultaneously DEVISER is the first time I've heard these Greek metallers. However, they've been on the scene since 1989. But you are never too old or young to discover old or new gems; that's the fun of heavy/extreme metal -discovering new/old bands.

Soon as the listener hits that play-button, where one is welcome to the first opening songs for discussion "Death Is Life Eternal," the opening piece and "Cold Comes the Night", the second piece on the album -which opens epic-occult-like drum strikes and atmosphere -following suit with melodic black (driven chunky tone) riffs (continuation of the epic drum strikes) and snarling vocals that bust out like a flaming mythical entity-simultaneously the whole piece is engulfed with soaring-board shredding solos, keys pushed in the background, headbanging, fist-pumping and sing-along lyrics anthem feeling -closing the song with warm-lush atmosphere keys and continuing with one's journey of the second piece "Cold Comes the Night", welcomes the listener with another driven track with a chunkier tone of the guitar and drum work (keeping that epic/solo riffing and anthem vibe rocking) throughout the piece -with have brief moments of that sun-dappled mystical atmosphere, possessed a bit of a romantic atmosphere is captured.. along with the epic instrumental work, sing-along lyrics with ambient keyboards allowing the vocals and dark keys to take centre stage.

And eventually, the last track for discussion is "Tenebrae", the fourth song on the album, (again capturing) this Epicus orchestral - sun-dappled mystical atmosphere, possessed a bit of a romantic atmosphere of the keys and epic drums all backed with violins and female (Epicus) choir. At the same time, I'm new to DEVISER. I'm digging this release and willing to dig deeper and listen to their back catalogue. Simultaneously, followers of DEVISER worldwide still consider their early releases as hidden gems, while "Evil Summons Evil" is possibly the most important album of their career. An album that will surely leave its mark on the global metal community.

Finishing off the review here, along with my opinion, DEVISER provides the listener with epic, heavy, powerful, entertaining, full-life, headbanger, fist-pumping, sing-along lyrics and energetic music and songs from the moment of pressing that play button where the listener will encounter each of the ten songs are different in sound, identity, mood and atmosphere-simultaneously captures and injecting this magickal and mysticism musical spectrum to the listener's ears, consisting of incredible music and instrumentation/vocal artistry with this perfect mixture of aggression and melody stamped by a primitive thrash/death, melodic black riffage that of (Swedish act) DISSECTION epic drum strikes/fill and beats, snarling of burning lung-vocal work, warm-rekindling atmospheric keys of SEPTICFLESH & MOONSPELL (there's a touch of "Moonspell" gothic-narrate), Arabian Night (Persian) atmosphere of MELECHESH and ARALLU -where each various composition/characteristics are convenient to place at the right moment. This is provided by outstanding devilmanship, musicianship and craftsmanship. At the same time, the songwriting and composing of the piece are both compelling and astonishing, while the production is produced and mastered by the talented Psychon of SEPTICFLESH. What else makes this album more exciting and magical is the dark cover artwork by Kris Verwimp (ARCH ENEMY, MARDUK, IMMORTAL) and guest members such as; Heljarmadr (DARK FUNERAL/GRA) guest vocals on track seven, Efthimis Karadimas (NIGHTFALL) guest vocals on track ten and Androniki Skoula for her soprano/chaostar (guest) vocals, and the band's collaboration with the Dutch label "Hammerheart Records", to whom I'm no stranger with.

Ending note: The closing song, "When the Lights Went Out," in the last few moments, ends with an acoustic -a beautiful way to close the album. This album is not to be missed.<

10 / 10









"Evil Summons Evil" Track-listing:

1. Death is Life Eternal
2. Cold Comes the Night
3. Absence of Heaven
4. Tenebrae
5. Of Magick
6. Evoking the Moon Goddess
7. Where Angels Fear to Tread
8. Sky Burial
9. Serpent God
10. When the Lights went Out

Deviser Lineup:

Matt Hnaras - Vocals, Guitars
Nick Christogiannis - Bass, Keyboards

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