Come Heavy Sleep


Founded in 2003, the members of DEVILLE are offering us, with their album Come Heavy […]
By Julia Brown
December 10, 2007
Deville - Come Heavy Sleep album cover

Founded in 2003, the members of DEVILLE are offering us, with their album Come Heavy Sleep, a great musical enjoyment. The Swedish band already recorded an album in 2005 (signed to a German label, together with another band). Now they offer us the possibility to discover their music on the whole by signing to a Belgian label.
The music of DEVILLE reminds us of the early 70s, and especially of BLACK SABBATH. The way of singing, the heavy riffs, the rhythm take us back to the time when Ozzy rocked the world. But, anyway, DEVILLE doesn't need to be seen as a 'copy' of BLACK SABBATH. The songs and compositions are excellent! Great sound and very good recording!
Black Dawn indicates something like an experimental part in which this band tries to sound rather psychedelic. DEVILLE is definitely successful in doing so! Stillborn is one of those songs that reminds of an old SABBATH song. Earthburn has the same character, very soft and dark but also very heavy. The excellent played distorted guitars accompanying the amazing vocals in Rise above is the last hint that this is the Swedish answer to BLACK SABBATH.
Of course, some will say that DEVILLE is another try to bring back the good old days of Rock 'n' Roll and this is not going to happen (unfortunately...), but why should we say anything bad about a band that is able to play, to write songs and to bring down a great feeling? This is a band from a generation that wasn't even born in the 60s or 70s but loves the music from this time. They were influenced by legends and now they try to build something new on the broken walls of the time that fascinates so many young people these days.
DEVILLE are doin' it very well! Open your CD players and your hearts and let DEVILLE's amazing Rock sound referring the good old days of Rock 'n' Roll to your ears.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Come Heavy Sleep" Track-listing:

Sunset Capricorn
Come Heavy Sleep
Black Dawn
Open Gates
Into The Smoke
Sweet Blood
Far Beyond
Rise Above

Deville Lineup:

Andreas Bengtsson - Guitars, Vocals
Martin Hambitzer - Guitar,  Backing Vocals
Markus ?kesson - Bass
Markus Nilsson - Drums

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