Music for the End Times

Devil Worshipper

Black Metal trio DEVIL WORSHIPPER formed in Finland/Portugal in 2015. Save for their names, I […]
January 4, 2019
Devil Worshipper - Music for the End Times album cover

Black Metal trio DEVIL WORSHIPPER formed in Finland/Portugal in 2015. Save for their names, I was not able to gather much information from them on the web. They have previously released an EP, and "Music for the End Times" is their debut LP, and contains ten tracks.

"Ablutions" opens with vocal chants and evil background music, suitable for a sacrifice. The spoken words grow in intensity along with the addition of both guitar and drums, before it drops off to nothing. "Spiritual Immanifest" opens with what sounds like a minister giving a sermon. Soon, Black Metal screams come into play, with eerie music in the background. As I expected from I, Voidhanger, this is some pretty unique music here. The main focus is on the raw filthiness of the vocals. "Degenerate" talks about the "best part of killing someone is that look on their face." The music is harrowing and frightful, perhaps more so than any other Black Metal music I have heard lately. When the drums and that riff come in, it's as if someone is chasing you and gaining on you with each step.

Cutting to "Fornicating Angel," which is absolutely vile and disgusting, with a bevy of different sounds in this medium. Vocals, guitars and some other background noises all contribute here. "Harlot Flesh" opens with eerie guitar notes that sound like bells, and a seductive beat from the drums. Screams soon follow, like the flesh is being burned off your skin. It settles into a bit of a groove from there, and then it's back to the animalistic noises that seem to come from everywhere. "Melancholy Loves the Dark" opens with slow and ominous guitar tones and a noticeable bass line. Angry spoken words ensue, making declarations, then come the screams. It picks up steam along the way, gaining malevolence.

"Heroiin" features some female spoken words overtop clean guitar tones, which pretty quickly give way to the harrowed screams of the male voice. In the background, there are eerie noise that supply the suspense. "Throat of the False Prophet" isn't as much of a song as it is a detailed collection of noise. It's becoming evident here that this could be the main feature of the album, which isn't a bad thing. Towards the end is settles into a bit more of a cohesive song, still quite scary sounding. "Parish Apothecary" is the longest song on the album, at close to twelve minutes. The cold night wind blows at first, as the empty streets begin to grow with shadows. The drums fire at you like M-60's, decimating everything around you, and then retreating again. It takes several turns from there but remains very distressful.

"Requiem Ex Abyssus" closes the album, with opening spoken words that are whispers, followed by a hypnotizing rhythm. More of the screams and chaos ensue, as the song begins to gather steam from thunderous drumming and a drowning of the vocal elements. It's a very interesting album overall. All of the various elements presented here work very well in the end as songs that would scare the pants off of most people. Horrible atrocities are being done in the background that you can barely hear...disturbing and macabre nightmare that are brought to life in front of you while your eyes are closed. It reminds me of being tucked away in a prison camp somewhere in the vast Ukraine where no one would know where you are, and half-dead specters torture you at night, refusing to let you sleep, until one day drags on into the next, and so on, and so on.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Music for the End Times" Track-listing:

1. Ablutions
2. Spiritual Immanifest
3. Degenerate
4. Fornicating Angel
5. Harlot Flesh
6. Melancholy Loves the Dark
7. Heroin
8. Throat of the False Prophet
9. Parish Apothecary
10. Requiem Ex Abyssus

Devil Worshipper Lineup:

Matron Thorn - All Instruments
Fr. A.A. - Voices, Lyrics
Erethe Arashiel - Voices

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