Satan Spits On Children Of Light

Devil Master

In 2015 the band DEVIL MASTER formed out of Philadelphia, Pa. They have recently released […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
April 27, 2019
Devil Master - Satan Spits On Children Of Light album cover

In 2015 the band DEVIL MASTER formed out of Philadelphia, Pa. They have recently released their first full length album "Satan Spits on Children of Light". Now I am going to base my review on the music itself, but honestly guys, why do you have to be so edgy with the album title? I understand that Black Metal is founded in Satanism, but come on. I mean if you're going for an audience of angsty prepubescent boys, then by all means, have at it. That being said, the music is really well written and produced. The Guitarists Darkest Prince and Hades Apparition absolutely kill it, as well as Bassist Spirit Mirror. The Vocals by Disembody are on point and they Keyboards played by Dodder are kick ass. As far as a Black Metal Drumming, Del, does a phenomenal job.

The first song "Listen, Sweet Demons..." which is a nice little intro track. I guess it was trying to set the creepy/evil atmosphere. The second song up is "Nightmares in the Human Collapse" which is a pretty good Black Metal song. It's very gritty and stays true to the old school style. "Black Flame Candle" starts off and keeps up the tempo of the album. I would have to say the Guitars take the cake on this track. Unlike most underground Black Metal this seems to be more centered around the Guitars.

"Devil is Your Master" is the fourth song on the album and it is a pretty good song. I'm just having a hard time getting over the song name and that is something I have to say about the next song. "Christ's Last Hiss" is probably one of the most basic song names for a Black Metal band. The musicianship is pretty damn good, but come on guys, you can come up with better song titles. If I was a psychologist I would say that this is a cry for help. I happen to love Black Metal, but this comes off as cheesy and over done, "Skeleton Hand" is probably one of the best songs on the album. It's heavy as fuck and gets you pumped. I think with a little more time this band can become one of the better Black Metal bands around. The rest of the album is pretty decent and worth you picking up if you are a fan of the genre.

5 / 10









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"Satan Spits On Children Of Light" Track-listing:

1. Listen, Sweet Demons...
2. Nightmares in the Human Collapse
3. Black Flame Candle
4. Devil is Your Master
5. Christ's Last Hiss
6. Skeleton Hand
7. Nuit
8. Gaunt Immortality
9. Desperate Shadow
10. Her Thirsty Whip
11. Dance of Full Moon Specter
12. Webs of Sorrow
13. XIII

Devil Master Lineup:

Spirit Mirror - Bass
Darkest Prince - Guitars
Hades Apparition - Guitars
Disembody - Vocals
Del - Drums
Dodder - Keyboards

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