Based in Germany, Hard & Melodic Rock band DeVICIOUS come with their second album "Reflections". […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
February 27, 2019
DeVicious - Reflections album cover

Based in Germany, Hard & Melodic Rock band DeVICIOUS come with their second album "Reflections". Founded in 2016, the longtime friends released "Never Say Never" in 2018. With the initial success of that album, the band jumped back into the studio. With a tour looming ahead with AMMUNITION and already confirmed for the Heat, Indoor Summer, and Rock & Lock Festivals, the band will certainly throw gas on an already burning fire.

"Long Way Home" begins like most early 80's metal bands. The standard tune of the guitars and the funky pluck of the bass remind me of my childhood. "Never Let Go" sound like it is from the soundtrack of the Lost Boys. The collaboration between Mister Sanders and Åge Sten Nilsen fit the era perfectly. The song writing is unique but the music has a way of taking you back in time. "Understand" comes in strong reflecting their influences. The bass gives that "Bob Your Head groove" as the guitars tune very well with Mister Sanders vocals to give the song that 80's rock style. "Desire" comes in strong musically. The pop on Alex Frey's bass reminds me of early MEGADETH as Mister Sanders throws in some Rob Halford vocals on top of the guitar riffs. The song could be a monster, but the keys seem to throw a small kink into a well balanced song.

As we move on to the second half of the album, "Flying" reminds me of a theme song to a show from TGIF. Maybe Family Matters or Perfect Strangers. It is kind of hard to really pick one since it fits both. "Saturday Nights" brings back some of that MEGADETH flavor as Mister Sanders throws some Dee Snider vocals over this catchy tune. "We Are Dying" makes me think of Full House. I can see Bob Saget and family in that convertible mustang jamming this tune down the freeway, but I also see Jessie and the Rippers throwing down in The Smash Club to this very song. The album closes with two bonus tracks, "Manhattan Memories" and "Never Let You Go"(radio edit). "Manhattan Memories" holds tight to DeViICIOUS's musical scheme. I can see Steve Urkiel and Laura walking together while this plays in the background. The radio edit of "Never Let You Go" isn't that much different than the original. It is like listening to the same song twice, just with a different beginning.

DeVICIOUS have and hold strong to that 80's style of music. Their music, though not truly unique, reminds me of my youth and finding Rock music for the first time. In a time where nostalgia is becoming more popular, the group have found their own sound with a touch of their idols.  If you are a fan of JUDAS PRIEST or TWISTED SISTER, you will love this band.

8 / 10









"Reflections" Track-listing:

1. Long Way Home
2. Never Let You Go (feat. Åge Sten Nilsen)
3. Understand
4. Desire
5. Hungarian Girl
6. Flying
7. Saturday Night
8. We're Dying
9. Run Together
10. Feel The Heat
11. Manhattan Memories (bonus track)
12. Never Let You Go (radio version, bonus track)

DeVicious Lineup:

Mister Sanders - Vocals
Radivoj Petrovic - Guitar
Alex Frey - Bass
Dennis Kunz - Keyboards
Lars Nippa - Drums

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