Code Red


DeVicious seems to be a unestopable launcher machine, releasing nothing less than five studio albums […]
By Bruno Diniz
April 18, 2023
DeVicious - Code Red album cover

DeVicious seems to be a unestopable launcher machine, releasing nothing less than five studio albums on last five Years, The german band quintet bring News on vocals replacing Antonio Calanna, who left the band after the last album on a friendly basis to concentrate on some other projects, for Baol Bardot Bulsara. The new Project is based on a smooth and melodic Hard Rock, bringing names like Michael Sweet and Fate instantly to mind of the listeners. The album was produced by Alex Frey and mixed & mastered in the Mastersound Entertainment Studios in Steinheim, Germany by Alexander Krull, about the album cover, I don't know if it was the band inspiration, but it reminds me a lot of an old game that I played a lot long time ago called Carmen San Diego and brought me good memories on that.

"Are You Ready for Love", the opener, have a strong base on the bass and shows up what some elements that are carefully treated by the band all the time, like the backing vocals that will be always present, the keyboards effects from 80's and love themes are also great. Let the race begin with the sound of the engine on "Highway to the Stars", this song is nothing but good energy and great chorus, in my opinion the SKA touch that I felt really added something extra for it, and the guitar solo on the last lap is another highlight. "Madhouse" is bounded to a very classical Hard Rock, its sharp and very straight to the Point.

Keeping the good pace, we have "No More Tears" with it chill vibes, it's not quite a ballad but works on a chill vibe counting with a nice piano intro. "Raise Your Life" shows up as a merge between Europe and Bon Jovi song, again varying the overlap between bass and guitar and keyboard in many of the parts. "Walk from the Shadows" ends this awesome work, for sure it's nothing innovative, but for those who appreciate 80's rock classics it is certainly an excellent request.

8 / 10









"Code Red" Track-listing:

1. Are You Ready for Love
2. Highway to the Stars
3. Madhouse
4. Stuck in Paradise
5. No More Tears
6. Raise Your Life
7. Not Anymore
8. House of Cards
9. All My Life
10. Walk from the Shadows
11. Penthouse Floor 2023

DeVicious Lineup:

Baol Bardot Bulsara - Vocals
Radivoj Petrovic - Guitar
Alex Frey - Bass
Denis Kunz - Keyboards
Lars Nippa - Drums

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