Rotting dreams OF Carrion


DEVIANT are a Black/Death band from the fertile regions of Norway. Their sound is unique […]
By Hari Narayanan
January 1, 2021
Deviant - Rotting dreams OF Carrion album cover

DEVIANT are a Black/Death band from the fertile regions of Norway. Their sound is unique and very accessible unlike several bands in the style. Their approach is a midpaced guitar attack that tears atv every wall in the room and create a great ruckus and challenge everything. On their third full length outing what do they ofer us?

ROTTING DREAMS OF CARRION does so many right things as an album and does not fall short on the value it has and continues to deliver consistently throughout the album. This album has so many layers to explore and the songs are not only mere units but a adds so  much to the album as whole and functions that way. The whole album feels ike a piece to be experienced in its whole and not piece by piece.

The songs all have a midpaced vibe about them and are constructed well in a unique way. The sinister and menacing energy surrounding this album feels satisfying even after several repeated play throughs. As noted before, there is so much to explore on this album that one listen just would  not do this album any justice. The DEAVIANT has clearly put so much work in to this album and deserve the recognition for it. My favourite moment on this album is the song "IT HAS A NAME", it handles all its blows in a precise manner, not spilling anything over and not making any mess but delivering on all the right areas required for the brilliantly cool tone this album sets. "MATYRDOM" too is a brilliantly written song.

Overall, there is a great prowess on how elements are handled on this album. A sense of experience and pure talent is visible through out this work. The talent of  BOMBER has to be commended specifically since hils delivery has so much to add to the experience of this album. We can comfortably place this album in a ny list to be compiled for the end of the year. The exciting yet menacing and eerie nature and tone of this album id beautiful at time but at the same time genius and an exhibition of how an album has to be executed with the minimum of fuss and with all the right hings in all the right places. Starting from the album art to the very last song and extending to the lyrics, evey lat bit of this album is concentrated and refined Black/Death Metal magnificence.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Rotting dreams OF Carrion" Track-listing:

1.Atomic Dreams
2.Atomic Revolt
3.Son of Dawn
4.Torment Inferno
5.It Has a Name
7.Iron Vultures
8.Enter the Storm

Deviant Lineup:

Bomber - Drums
Violator - Guitars,
Dolgar - Vocals, Bass

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