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Originally this four man band were previously known as BLACK FUEL in their early years […]
June 25, 2024

Originally this four man band were previously known as BLACK FUEL in their early years as a band in 2004 - 20006, however now they are more known as DEVASTATIÖN as they are a blackened thrash metal band from Belgium. They are led by vocalist METTHIEU BRASSEUR who can really project his voice far & wide, joined by guitarist TIM MATTHIJS blasting some black metal riffs out with bassist MAARTEN DE ZUTTER setting the tone and on drums is TOM HEYNSSENS. Their journey as a blackened thrash metal band began with a demo in 2007 featuring just three tracks, so this was merely just a stepping stone for these black metal heads, onwards they went from the success of their demo, they were signed up with Black Cat Productions.

As a result of being signed to a major record label, they were ready to release their debut full length album titled LEATHER JACK MANIAC in 2011, featuring nine brand new tracks for their fans to dig their teeth into and enjoy. Overall this was certainly well received as this was very much the first opportunity for listeners to get a better picture of what this band was all about, so after this they went on to release their second album which was PUSSY JUICE BLUES. This came out in 2015 and had a total of ten tracks altogether so an album packed full of jet fueled blackened thrash metal for the fans to enjoy, so no doubt that this band have set their course of action. About two years after this came the arrival of their EP titled DRINK WITH THE DEVIL released in 2017 as this continues the band’s recent success.

So now that the band have really made their mark and have laid out the foundations for us to really give them the attention they deserve, we now come to their latest release, another album which makes this their third album to date. This album is titled RISE OF THE DEAD and this album has a further eleven tracks for your ears to hear, so let’s get straight into this album starting with “Black Abyss” as we hear an atmospheric mood building, growing in anticipation. Then a wicked and possessed voice is heard also, before an enormous explosion of all instruments, guitars and drums really leading the way at first, as vocals do come in when there is space for them to conquer over all other elements. This intro track is so fast, there really is no time to pause for even a short breath, into the next track we go which is “Unholy Ritual”.

This second track also raring to go with guitars straight off the start line, racing ahead with the other instruments as drums really put the foot down. Vocals and guitar are beyond wicked and even guitar has some unusual effects that can be heard, but when vocals or drums or both are in play then the guitar can be hidden in some way. As vocals do focus on keywords, especially the song title, there is no more that can be said about this track so we can now move onto the next track which is “Undead”, as we heard a dramatic and slow ending on the previous track. The third track opens to a slower tempo as well with guitars and drums, leading the way for vocals to join in, as the tempo picks up the pace, vocals project well as does the tone of this track.

The tempo is following along very smoothly and doesn’t quicken really that much more than the tempo that has been set, it’s only the guitar part itself that will change along the way to suit a certain part of the track as vocals also match the wager placed by guitar. “Necronomicon” is up next as we hear a quick ascent from the whole band, guitars and vocals really don’t mess around as they adopt a real killer instinct of an approach. Halfway through there is a short pause before drums cues the whole band to come back in, the drums is the one motivator for the tempo changes going from real hardcore thumping to halftime steady rhythms.

So another very mesmerising track as we move onto “Eternal War (For Immortality)” as we hear thuds of drums and surrounding sounds of guitars going absolutely crazy as hell as they have done so well, the vocals speak in such an evil and satanic manner. There is an instrumental section that is short enough before vocals come back for more to eat into the meaty mass of guitars, bass and drums. A prolonged scream of vocals sends shivers down the listener's spine and more to come now as we go into the next track which is “Beyond The Arctic”. This next track opens with slower tempo of drums and guitars, vocals move in for the kill, drums go from this slower tempo to a clattering shower of shots firing so nothing new here either really.

The lead guitar goes up and down with its tone as well as its pitch, showing some incredible talent as the solo parts are very well produced and you have to admire the skill set of the lead guitarist. Alongside guitar, drums does compliment the guitar parts, with lots of cymbal hits before we head into the next track “Black Winter Knight”, which is the seventh track off this album. Lashings of drums and screeches of vocals as well as electrifying guitar riffs sends this track into a frenzy of mass anarchy. A shorter track in comparison to the rest as this is merely a much more hasty and wild track, all instruments are at full speed, no way of slowing down, so we can safely move onto the next track “Cathedral Of Lost Souls”. An explosion of drums sets the tone and mood precisely as it should be for the other instruments to accompany one another for more violence and increased intensity.

There is a short pause also where lead guitar takes over by itself with amplifier feedback, but nonetheless, this doesn’t prevent the band from progressing onwards with cutting edge guitar riffs, deadly drums and vigorous vocals. The timing has a change later on in the second half of this track, but drums and guitar sets an example to how this can be hidden, perhaps not even noticed or heard very easily. However the whole band refer back to the original time signature but switch between the two tempos that were played throughout the track. “Blood Eagle” is up next with vocals gnashing their teeth as drums and guitars pulsate themselves into a violent frenzy of blackened thrash metal fury. The track is actually fairly short as it doesn’t exceed more than two and a half minutes.

It’s certainly a great window of opportunity for all the musicians to break down the boundaries and go mental, letting their hair down and headbanging while relieving their hunger for more metal mania. “Into The Void” as this track opens with simple thrash like drums and guitars with a bass thumping part as well as those double kicks adding lots of umph to the overall tone of this penultimate track. The track doesn’t deviate as often as it keeps to a pretty regular and resounding tempo, where the lower end of bass guitar and drums adds that extra bite to the track. “Wild Hunt” comes as we come to the last track to this album, with a prolonged vocal scream and guitar setting the spark of burning bridges, as we hear those double time drums.

A section comes where vocals don’t come in straight in but we hear everything else playing but vocals do show up, as they have done so before. The consistency and punctuality of each individual instrument is simply stupendous, we hear also choral chants in the background as the album comes to a close, double kicks and guitars create the climatic point. Building and becoming louder than before, guitar has their final say as well as drums pumping shots of all they have. So all in all a very enticing album and full of eccentrics, drama and a taste for the theatrics, do check these guys out, they will bombard you with all that they have in store for you.

7 / 10









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"Rise Of The Dead" Track-listing:

1. Black Abyss

2. Unholy Ritual

3. Undead

4. Necronomicon

5. Eternal War (For Immortality)

6. Beyond The Arctic

7. Black Winter Knight

8. Cathedral Of Lost Souls

9. Blood Eagle

10. Into The Void

11. Wild Hunt

Devastation Lineup:

Matthieu Brasseur - Lead Vocals

Tim Matthijs - Guitars

Maarten De Zutter - Bass Guitar

Tom Heynssens - Drums

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