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DEUS MORTEM return with their second full-length album, "Kosmocide". Coming from the land of Poland, DEUS MORTEM show […]
By James Brizuela
June 7, 2019
Deus Mortem - Kosmocide album cover

DEUS MORTEM return with their second full-length album, "Kosmocide". Coming from the land of Poland, DEUS MORTEM show why they are a force to be reckoned with. Delivering an unrelenting powerhouse of brutal Black Metal, "Kosmocide" delivers a fierce and vile attack on the senses.

"Remorseless Beast" kicks off the album in the best way possible. Beginning with some ambient sounds of doom, the track kicks right into an onslaught of blast beats and a harrowing scream. Drawing on elements of Thrash Metal, the track brings with it a completely chaotic theme. I love the fact that DEUS MORTEM uses Thrash-like elements in this track. It is unexpected, but a completely welcomed surprise. It is not often that you get to hear thrash and Black Metal combined so succinctly. My favorite thing about this track is that there is so much musical style happening. Not only are you thrust right into the chaotic tempo of the track initially, but then it is slowed down to show off some incredibly tight guitar solo work. I love when bands find ways to perfectly blend multiple tempo changes to deliver beautifully done music. The completely brutality of this album is capitalized on again in "The Soul of the Worlds". Showing off more of the thrash-like elements of their brand of Black Metal, this track holds some more surprises within it. Some completely brutal gutter growls are heard backing the harrowing screams of Necrosodom. Not only are there some completely brutal vocals happening, but at one point of the track there are some angelic-like chanting vocals heard in the background as well. Once again, the track goes from a completely chaotic theme to showcase the musicianship in the slowing down of the tempo.

The album is not all chaos and mayhem as you get some more atmospheric sounding Black Metal in, "Sinister Lava". Perfectly named track, as I felt I was being covered in lava that I could not escape. I love how DEUS MORTEM can go from completely brutal blast beats to slowing things down to a mid-range tempo to showcase some beautiful guitar work. But right when you think you have this band figured out, they show you some more chaos and fire in, "Through the Crown It Departs". The Thrash-like intro brings the brutal level of the track, but once again things are slowed down to give off a multi-layered feel. The numerous tempo changes kept me surprised and entertained throughout. The blending of brutality that "The Seeker" brings but paired with the angelic-like undertones is incredible. I love when black metal bands bring in atmospheric sounds to heighten their vile and violent style. There is some beautifully done Egyptian-like acoustic work that is done in "Ceremony of Reversion p.2". The Egyptian-like theme is carried into the style of the song's tempo. Slowing things down to give off the feeling of being a ceremony or trial. I love the feel of this track.  Ending the album is "The Destroyer". I love the style of guitar work and theme of this track. It has a very Power Metal type of feel to it. Completely going against the stylistic choices of the rest of the album. This is what is so good about DEUS MORTEM, their blending of many sub genres into a completely cohesive album.

DEUS MORTEM has been gaining traction, and there is plenty of evidence as to why. Although, they are relatively new to the global Black Metal scene, "Kosmocide" should have no problem catapulting them into the spotlight with the heavy hitters.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Kosmocide" Track-listing:

1. Remorseless Beast
2. The Soul of the Worlds
3. Sinister Lava
4. Through the Crown It Departs
5. The Seeker
6. Ceremony of Reversion p.2
7. The Destroyer

Deus Mortem Lineup:

Necrosodom - Guitars, Vocals
Stormblast - Drums
Sinister - Guitars
Vomitor - Bass

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