The sticker on the album said this Destrophy is suggested to fans of bands like […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 5, 2009
Destrophy - Destrophy album cover

The sticker on the album said this Destrophy is suggested to fans of bands like DISTURBED, SHINEDOWN and FIVE FINGER DEATHPUNCH. I can't say that I totally agree with that, but every label has its own way of promoting its bands. The fact is that DESTROPHY are trying to pave their own path in music and their new album is a fine sample to see if they can do it or not.

Based in Iowa, USA, DESTROPHY have been around since 2002. After signing to Victory Records, the band recorded its debut self titled album which has already hit the stores. The band has managed to share the stage with acts like FIVE FINGER DEATHPUNCH, DISTURBED, SOILWORK, as well as HINDER, something that shows the wide variety of sounds their music features.

To be honest, DESTROPHY are full of great ideas, that unfortunately aren't presented in a tight whole, as they should be. There are parts where they remind you of FIVE FINGER DEATHPUNCH's aggression, some more Industrialized Nu Metal parts, while also moments where they sound kind of like SOILWORK. Of course their weapon is not their riffs, but their groove, their great melodies and the catchy choruses. Something that helps a lot with the melodic part is the incredible voice of Ari. His vocals range from aggressive distorted screams to melodic clean singing. If there is one band that I could compare them with, it would probably be EKOTREN, who equally share brutality and melody...

Not a bad album, but also nothing amazing. It is surely a good choice for people that are into this modern Metal thingie, but die hard metallers should probably stay away from this release. Nice debut and the future looks promising...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Destrophy" Track-listing:

Send In The Wolves
The Story Of Your Life
Rise Of The Overman
Arms Of The Enemy
The Way Of Your World
Why I Hate Goodbye
March Of The Dreamless
This Is Not My Life

Destrophy Lineup:

Ari - Vocals, Guitar
Bruce - Guitar
Phil - Bass
Joe - Drums

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