Chains Of Mind

Destination 5-11

DESTINATION 5-11 is a Melodic Metal band based out of Udine, Italy. Formed in 2012, […]
December 15, 2015
Destination 5-11 - Chains Of Mind album cover

DESTINATION 5-11 is a Melodic Metal band based out of Udine, Italy. Formed in 2012, this is the band's debut EP, and contains five tracks.

"New Battlefield" opens the EP gently. The main riff is catchy and I think we are hearing an amalgam of Power Metal and Classic Metal of the British type. Lorenzo's vocals register high on the scale and his tenor range cuts through the notes with ease. The production is good for this being an independent release as well. I think the sound could be thickened somewhat however, perhaps with more harmonies or dual guitar action and/or keyboards here and there.

"Destination" opens with a short vocal solo of the chorus and a slightly faster guitar riff. There might be a little stronger Progressive element present in this track, and the vocal harmonies are strongly executed. "Oasis" has a short and quiet lead in to the main riff. The chord progressions and lead guitar lamentations push through a little more emotion here. Acoustic guitar and softer vocals in the verses definitely hint and a more darker and powerful message.

"Price Of The Gods" chugs along nicely from the main bass riff and guitars that join in a bit later. They do a nice job of connecting the various passages in the song as well. This for me is the best song on the album, especially considering the strong chorus and key-supporting guitar solo. I think a little more time together would really cement the band's songwriting abilities. Closing the album is the title track, "Chains Of Mind." Right away you can hear a change of pace with the hushed, evil vocals and quieter, more introspective sections of the song. They once again present a well done chorus here. I think the EP has real potential.

They don't have the advantage of a long career or recording time together and I think you can hear that, though this is not their fault of course. What they do have is strong musicianship and a vocalist who can really shine.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Chains Of Mind" Track-listing:

1. New Battlefield
2. Destination
3. Oasis
4. Price Of The Gods
5. Chains Of Mind

Destination 5-11 Lineup:

Lorenzo Vincenzo Nocerino - Lead Vocals
Marco Furlani - Guitars, Backing Vocals
David Trevisan - Guitars
Gianluca Somma - Bass
Fabio Tomba - Drums

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