Despite Exile

DESPITE EXILE is a Progressive Deathcore band based out of Italy. This is the band's […]
March 24, 2016
Despite Exile - Disperse album cover

DESPITE EXILE is a Progressive Deathcore band based out of Italy. This is the band's second offering, and contains seven tracks. "Gaze of Leviathan" leads off the EP. The Deathcore sound is deep and strong, but the melodies shine throughout, not just in the background. Rhythmically, as you might expect, there is a heavy bottom end of drum and instrumental punches. But what might be most striking is the balance I hear between the opposites. "Panoptic Servant" has a similar pace, and although you might not call this a concept album per se, the sound segues nicely to this track, almost like an extension of the first song, but with its own identity. The Progressive elements come mostly with the meter changes and wider use of instrumentation. The connecting interlude, "Gathering Void," is a nice break from the bombast of the first two songs. It is light and ambient with an air of mystery.

"Transcendental Observer" resonates beautifully with a slower pace and plenty of sublime moments among the rage of the Deathcore. I love that they are not afraid to embrace these moments and let them come through with bravado. The "Withering Sight" interlude is a little longer than the first and breathes very openly, like the calm air and dead silence that followed a firefight or the like, while the ringing in your ears slowly dissipates. "Herald of Blindness" showcases a varied vocal style perhaps best on the EP, from low, guttural utterances to high end wails and everything in between. Despite keeping a core sound throughout, the track has many faces that you need to listen to more to really take in. This is the kind of depth that really separates good bands. "Dissipating Martyr" rounds out the EP. From the start the melancholic sound hits you hard and intricate guitar harmonies are on full display. This is a compositional and emotional high point on the EP, especially as it culminates into the ending. It's like watching the most vibrant colored sunset slowly fade away into blackness.

I've heard my share of Progressive Deathcore, but this album stands out for me. I've always thought that the main difficulty in this genre of music is being able to find a balance between the fierce Death Metal, the Progressive leanings and how much melody and harmony is applied and how it is applied. Too many bands focus too much on the harder edge of this and sometimes forget how to be, well, musical. But not this band. "Disperse" has captured a nearly flawless combination of these, sometimes competing techniques into a full, complex and pleasing platter of music.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Disperse" Track-listing:

1. Act I Gaze of Leviathan
2. Act II Panoptic Servant
3. Gathering Void Interlude
4. Act III Transcendental Observer
5. Withering Sight Interlude
6. Act IV Herald of Blindness
7. Act V Dissipating Martyr

Despite Exile Lineup:

Jacopo Durisotti - Vocals
Giancomo Santini - Guitar
Carlo Andrea Ferrero - Guitar
Giovanni Minozzi - Bass
Matteo Paoli - Drums

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