Day Of Mourning

Despised Icon

DESPISED ICON are back with their brand new album. Recently they also played live here […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 28, 2009
Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning album cover

DESPISED ICON are back with their brand new album. Recently they also played live here in Athens, but I missed their show, and now I get the chance to review their new full-length release. Even though I was never a huge fan of their sound, it seems that fate is driving towards them. Let's see how good can this album be...

The Canadian act has been active since 2002, when their debut album Consumed By Your Poison hit the stores. After a couple more albums, two split releases, an EP and a DVD, DESPISED ICON seem to have found the style that fits them like a glove (something that their success says, not me).

Their Metalcore/Deathcore kind of music may seem incredible to their fans, but after listening to A Day Of Mourning many times, I realized that DESPISED ICON have nothing more to offer than any average band of this scene. I mean, typical Deathcore vocals, brutally melodic guitars that are accompanied by the rhythm section's beatdown moments, just to avoid becoming monotonous. The clear as crystal and heavy as hell production did not amaze me either.

I am not trying to say that this album's only use is becoming a dish for your dog's food, but I think there are much better bands out there to attract your attention.

5 / 10


"Day Of Mourning" Track-listing:

Les Temps Changent
Day Of Mourning
All For Nothing
Made Of Glass
Black Lungs
Diva Of Disgust
Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal

Despised Icon Lineup:

Alex Erian - Vocals
Steve Marois - Vocals
Eric Jarrin - Guitar
Ben Landreville - Guitar
Max Lavelle - Bass
Alexandre Pelletier - Drums

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