Vortex Oblivion


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DESEKRYPTOR; signed via Blood Harvest […]
July 23, 2023
Desekryptor - Vortex Oblivion album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DESEKRYPTOR; signed via Blood Harvest Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: "Vortex Oblivion" (released July 14th, 2023). Since formation in 2016; the quartet in question have 2 demos entitled: "Demo 2016" (released January 31st, 2017), "Chasm Of Rot" (released May 26th, 2017), a compilation also entitled: "Chasm Of Rot" a split entitled: "Desekryptor / Draghker" (released April 20th, 2018) an EP entitled: "Curse Of The Execrated" (released May 5th, 2023) & this here debut full-length studio album of which I am introduced to entitled: "Vortex Oblivion" in their discography so far. 8 tracks ranging around 40 minutes; DESEKRYPTOR arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this shroud of this otherworldly static; an implosive explosion belts a fierce firepower expertise that's ruthlessly raw & organic, "Abysmal Resurrection" starts off the record with this demo quality calamity... expecting blast beating gnarliness - I expected a meaner whilst modernized sound production right off the bat. However, a blistering barrage frenzy bludgeons eardrums still with more towering sulphurate & venomously deadly grinds which will rumble through your skull with reverberating thuds amongst a foreboding but amplified adrenaline on primitive weight which rips through skulls with shredding tempo - alongside a concretely gritty sturdiness of monolithic mayhem that transcends onwards towards the "Tornadic Hordes" with profusely robust maelstrom momentum that's densely distilled with punchy grooviness for good intensity.

K.R. (on bass/guitar), P.A. (on vocals/guitars/bass) & E.S. (on guitars/bass) all fabricate a dexterously dynamic virtuosity on stampeding mayhem; where nothing but flickering thumpiness piledrives solidly with slabby viscerality, bulldozing a berserking intensity in a rampantly rompy versatility of vehement rollicks that chug and frolic with piercing pandemonium amongst a raw and rough synergy that's most cavernous - especially in "Festering Ulceration''. A sweltering volatility within the "Seeds Of Disease'' injects an infectiously bleeding aberration in abominable abhorrence that's rapidly swift whilst nimbly diabolical, cordial vocals then surge with raspy throatiness and guttural growls... as grumbling gnarliness conjure up tremolo raising retribution and crescendo building extremity for good sport.

"Omen Of Terror" continues the symbolic malignancy as hammering drum batterings from T.S. slams the set with steely precision, pummelling weightily with tight smackage that slaps with striking pursuit that will masquerade with wrathful distinction and distinguished elements which prescribes nothing other than noise terror maliciousness. Quite linear aesthetically, but evil empowering all round that salubriously renegades with hybrid experimentation and galloping chaos as blasphemic hostility contrasts with savagely sinister yet barbaric brutality, profound within the bestial "Dagger in the Christ". The penultimate banger "Vortex Oblivion" immensely obliterates you with strident strife's of relentless havoc, assimilating pugnacious revs of ominously jarring songwriting velocity that shrieks with scouring snares that was just simply nasty and filthy to listen to say the least.

Overall concluding "Vortex Oblivion" with the finale epic rager: "Nervegas Crematorium"; I am compelled to say that DESEKRYPTOR most surely offered a crunchy dose in Death Metal meticulance that ramifies with this subgenre with radical tonality, whilst remaining persistently chunky in a demonically but evil empowering way. Persevering through, you will feel intent to want to break chairs over other chairs...or try to summon Satan out ritualistically with the most possessed of severity (of the good kind of course). Bottom line; an enjoyably entertaining offering of which could have been better tone wise, yet the old school Death Metal subgenre atmosphere can be felt briskly and hostility should that tickle your fancy for a flexibly fundamental experience that's worthy of still spinning/re-playing a couple times, most definitely check it out.

7 / 10









"Vortex Oblivion" Track-listing:

1. Abysmal Resurrection
2. Tornadic Hordes
3. Festering Ulceration
4. Seeds of Disease
5. Omen of Terror
6. Dagger in the Christ
7. Vortex Oblivion
8. Nervegas Crematorium

Desekryptor Lineup:

TS - Drums
ES - Guitars/Bass
PA - Vocals/Guitars/Bass
K.R. - Bass/Guitar

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