Process Of Decay


My internal organs start to decompose and my eyes are semi-filled with blood! My body […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
May 12, 2005
Desecration - Process Of Decay album cover

My internal organs start to decompose and my eyes are semi-filled with blood! My body seems to be chopped in half! My obituary has been hammered on the wall since long ago! Have I contracted Ebola or is this the latest Desecration album?
This is a Welsh Death Metal band that will make every fan of the genre at least tap their foot when he/she listens to them. Desecration mix nasty brutal Death Metal with some really catchy tunes, earning some excellent reviews along the way. Having performed live shows with Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Vader to name a few, they have become a well established U.K. act fighting to put Wales in the Death Metal circuit with their unique style.
Hell, it is a very nice surprise to be having bands from Wales play this way! Elements of Cannibal Corpse and Carcass are spread throughout here! Extreme drumming interrupted by heavy rhythm parts construct Desecration's evil and ill minded scenery. Thrash and Death metal passages add intensity and interest to the whole album. As you can see from the titles of the songs there is a diffuse Carcassian feeling all over the place! The lyrics themselves deal with stuff like body decomposition, cadaverous smells and other beautiful stuff like those!
The ear police warns you! If bands like Cannibal Corpse, early Carcass, or Six Feet Under make your guts turn up side down then stay at least 666 kilometers away from these Welsh maniacs! Their music will definitely not appeal to you! If you feel you wanna have a break from melodies and stuff like that then Desecration is your prime choice, my friend!
Top moments in the pile of the decomposed bodies which has started to accumulate in front of my computer are: When The Heart Stops Beating..., Initial Decay, Bacterial Breakdown, Maggots In Evidence and Gravewax.
Because the bleeding - caused by this album - in my body continues, I must stop this review at once!
If you are studying Chemistry, Biochemistry or Medicine then take time off to listen to Desecration before you go for your exams because they will definitely give you many ideas, and they will instantly refresh your memory, once you read their lyrics! Until your next exam semester here is a...

7 / 10


"Process Of Decay" Track-listing:

When The Heart Stops Beating...
Initial Decay
Bacterial Breakdown
Black Putrefaction
Butyric Fermentation
Maggots In Evidence
Corpse Fauna
Dry Rot

Desecration Lineup:

Ollie Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Mike Hourihan - Drums
Pete Davies - Bass

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