Haunted Souls

Descending Chaos

Ever done anything that you felt was completely out of your comfort zone but it […]
By Charlotte Whittingham
April 22, 2014
Descending Chaos - Haunted Souls album cover

Ever done anything that you felt was completely out of your comfort zone but it turns out to be better than you expected? That's the feeling I contracted when listening to debut album "Haunted Souls" from Melodic Death Metal five piece DESCENDING CHAOS. I'll be completely honest, any kind of Death Metal is not usually the first thing I will listen to right away but like anything new and out my comfort zone I like to approach these kinds of things with an open mind.

The album cleverly opens with "The One Within" where it introduces the listener to what the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal band have to offer. I find it ingenious how each track merges from one to the next without any abrupt halts and I also liked how the tracks were short and sweet yet it still allows the listener to enjoy and appreciate the music.

My personal favourite track on the album is "No Resistance"; it starts off with a pumping rhythm from the guitars and drums that make you feel somewhat empowered. It is a track that gives the feeling it says on the tin. Another highlight on the album for me were the original, melodic guitar riffs and solos; examples of these can be heard on tracks such as "Souless" and "So Far Away".

"Smudge" allows you to have one last listen/head bang/however you like to enjoy your music before marking the end of a potentially promising album. "Haunted Souls" will certainly open doors for DESCENDING CHAOS.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Haunted Souls" Track-listing:

1. The One Within
2. Within Dead I
3. Soulless
4. The Sum (Dead Hand)
5. So Far Away
6. War Chant
7. Past My Prime
8. No Resistance
9. Breathe
10. Enola Gay
11. Smudge

Descending Chaos Lineup:

Johannes Ohlsson - Drums
Peter Martinsson - Bass
Sebastian Örgev - Guitar
August Thelin - Guitar
Roy Ekelund - Vocals

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