Depraved Murder

Out of all the Brutal Death Metal scenes across the world, one of the oldest […]
By Liam Easley
May 29, 2019
Depraved Murder - Manifestation album cover

Out of all the Brutal Death Metal scenes across the world, one of the oldest and still active scenes is in Indonesia. Formed in 2011, DEPRAVED MURDER made a name for themselves in the underground Indonesian scene, and they were just recently signed onto Comatose Music for the release of their second full-length, "Manifestation".

This Indonesian band plays Brutal Death Metal in the veins of DISENTOMB and NEUROGENIC: tremolo Slam riffs with plenty of blast-beats. This neck-snapping style of Brutal Death Metal is hard to come by when it's done the right way, and DEPRAVED MURDER do it the right way. However, there is one overarching problem with this album, and that is the production.

Usually, bands like this have good enough production to hear what's going on but still maintain a raw feeling to it so that it still has high energy. This album is very polished when it comes to production, and it even sounds mechanical, sacrificing the raw energy it would otherwise have with poorer quality.

Not only this, but there are also a couple of songs on here that sound very dull because of their loyalty to typical Brutal Death Metal riffing. Most of the riffing on this album is like this, but some songs have elements that make them stand out from the rest of the pack. Songs like "Exterminate" and "Congenital Anomalies Chromosome" remind me a lot of the duller moments in NEUROGENIC's music or maybe a typical DEEDS OF FLESH song.

There is also the issue of songwriting. While each song on here has a nice flow, and nothing is ever awkward or too repetitive, there are moments that should have been repeated more often. The first two seconds of "Excruciate Impulsion" are very interesting and technical, but this is never seen again throughout the rest of the track.

Outside of the few flaws, the music is very enjoyable, especially on the last two tracks. "Persevere Genophage" sounds a lot like WORMED at times, creating interesting Slam riffs with harmonization and depth as well as technical riffing. The track flows nicely and has some of the more interesting themes on the record. One issue is that at the very end, there is a slam that is very heavy and technical that is played once. It is not even repeated twice. They needed to ride that out more to provide better closure, not only to the song, but also for the album.

"Disgenosome" was the highlight of the album mainly because of the intro riff. It fades in with a very heavy and technical riff that transitions into very nice tremolo riffing. The intro riff makes a reappearance later in the song with flawless execution, capable of delivering chills. This track was the most intellectually constructed one on the album, and it is a blueprint that many should use when writing music.

Despite some flaws, DEPRAVED MURDER made an album that, despite the limitations imposed by the production, is very kinetic and pounding. The vocals are deep, and the slams are heavy on an almost planetary scale.

7 / 10









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"Manifestation" Track-listing:

1. Gore Green Meditations
2. Congenital Anomalies Chromosome
3. Exterminate
4. Excruciate Impulsion
5. Pragmatics Penetrate
6. Denounce the Weak
7. Manifestation
8. Disgenosome
9. Persevere Genophage

Depraved Murder Lineup:

Azam - Bass, Vocals
Ogy Pradana - Guitars
Sahrul Ramadhan - Drums

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