Denners Trickbag

Denners Trickbag

Legendary Danish Heavy Metal guitar player Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND) is back with […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
August 26, 2013
Denners Trickbag - Denners Trickbag album cover

Legendary Danish Heavy Metal guitar player Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND) is back with brand new project called DENNERS TRICKBAG. It`s a band made of Denner's friends who wanted to make some good music, but not people he colaborated with previously. He made few phone calls, and the rest will make the history.

DENNERS TRICKBAG is all about guitar solos. There`s massive amounts of it, nicely packed in 70s inspired Progressive Heavy Metal (well, it might be Progressive back in 70s but it became regular Heavy Metal by now). In addition to Michael Denner on lead guitar, band consists of Flemming Muus on bass (LARS HUG, HANNE BOEL), Kim Hageman on drums (ZOZER MEZ), Lars Berthelsen on vocals (ZOZER MEZ) and Peter Domptorp Hansen on lead guitar (MIDNIGHT BLUES).

You know that feeling that you heard the song before? But you just push it away cause the sound on the whole album just reminds you on something you heard before. Well, this time I was right. (I did, I did saw a pussycat!) The album opens with updated version of JERICHO`s  "Ethiopia". Next on is "Wasteland", just typical Hard Rock track. Catchy tune, but overall nothing special. Same goes for the next track "Foyers Of Fun". It`s bit down tempo, with nothing less than perfect guitar solos ripping through. "Never In My Life" has that iressistable Blues wibe, but if you put it on a repeat more than twice you`ll get bored of it. It sounds like sampled part going over and over, just overlayered with few guitar solos.

"Hearts On Fire" for some reason brought to my memory that famous scene with Salma Hayek from "From Dusk Till Dawn..." It`s one of those songs you expect to hear in a stripp bar filled with the smoke of the cigarettes and half drunk guys. "Don`t You Let Me Down" kinda goes Country style (lyrically wise, the music still Rocks). "Polecat Woman"... Hmmm...  Didn`t I just mentioned stripp bar few sentences earlier? "I Got The Fire" owns some of the best guitar solos from this album. "Armaggedon" carries completely different vibe from the rest of the album. It`s colder, heavier and darker than any other song on the album (amazing solos included). The album closes with another track that seems to got lost on this release "Dancing Madly Backwards - Armworth - Myopic Void". It`s a Heavy Metal tune with strong Psychodelical influences (would fit perfectly as a soundtrack for "Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas").

DENNERS TRICKBAG is all about guitars, like I said earlier. But the great sound of bass and drums on this release shouldn`t be undermined. It`s a solid album. Nothing too heavy, quite melodic and moving but also nothing memorable.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Denners Trickbag" Track-listing:

1. Ethiopia
2. Wasteland
3. Foyers Of Fun
4. Never In My Life
5. Hearts On Fire
6. Don`t You Let Me Down
7. Polecat Woman
8. I Got The Fire
9. Armaggedon
10. Dancing Madly Backwards - Armworth - Myopic Void

Denners Trickbag Lineup:

Michael Denner -Guitar
Flemming Muus - Bass
Kim Hageman - Drums
Lars Berthelsen - Vocals
Peter Domptorp Hansen - Guitar

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