From their Bandcamp page, DENALI weaves narrative lyrical concepts dealing with sorrow, loss and fear […]
Denali - Denali album cover

From their Bandcamp page, DENALI weaves narrative lyrical concepts dealing with sorrow, loss and fear through a musical tapestry of moving, haunting melodies and crushing heaviness. Featuring Ross King (COUNTLESS SKIES), the band presents their debut, self-titled EP. The EP contains three tracks.

"Catafalque" opens the album. Drums thud in the deep for the first minute, until the main riff hits. It's heavy and crushing. The production could be a little clearer, but the muddiness adds some texture to the style of music. The sound retreats and then returns, as if gathering more forces for its attack. The vocals are dreadfully sorrowful, as is the music. Some lead harmonies come in towards the end, along with a slightly hopeful tone, but don't look for absolution here. "Beneath the Waves" opens with a solemn and emotionally powerful sound. The sound drops to ambient bass guitar notes before it returns with heavy, thunderous drumming. After it rounds the half-way point, the solemn tones turn more haunting, and then it charges to the end.

"Deathless" closes the short EP. A slow and steady march occupies the first minute, then the sound drops for a spell before returning with more somber and stark tones. The chorus reads: "Recall is denied me...what has come to pass? Is this my fate forever these halls of loss?" The final minute is a heavier outing. Though only three short tracks, you can hear the formation of the album fairly well. Stark, solemn melodies combine with brutal, cumbersome elements within the Doom/Death genre of Metal. I would be interested to see what the quintet has in the future.

7 / 10









"Denali" Track-listing:

1. Catafalque
2. Beneath The Waves
3. Deathless

Denali Lineup:

Ross King - Vocals
James McGrenery - Guitar
Adam C. Taylor - Guitar
Simon Marston - Bass
Nathan Robshaw - Drums

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