Sinister Forces Of Hatred


DEMONZTRATOR are a thrash metal band from the Scandinavian region of Finland, forming in 2016 […]
February 27, 2022
Demonztrator - Sinister Forces Of Hatred album cover

DEMONZTRATOR are a thrash metal band from the Scandinavian region of Finland, forming in 2016 originally had their focus on playing covers of metal classics. But then the year after getting together they released their debut album FORGOTTEN ACTS OF AGGRESSION in 2017 which was a compilation of covers. Their lineup changed that much at all as the memories are from bands like; BEDIMMED, FREEDOMINATION GANDALF THE SCOURGER.

In this lineup are JARI HURSKAINEN on vocals, then there are guitarists TIMO AHLSTRÖM and JÖKÄ REINHOLM plus bassist JUKKIS LAPPALAINEN then finally drummer SEPPO TARVAINEN. Shortly after their debut release, an EP came in 2019 titled MYRIADS OF WAYS OF DYING featuring 4 tracks. Now their second album titled SINISTER FORCES OF HATRED is out as of November 2021 being described as 'sharp, adventurous and punishing guitar work, tight beats and varied & intense drumming, rumbling bass playing and mostly vicious and anger thrash metal vocals'.

The album itself in terms of sound is or considered to be the likes of KREATOR, EXODUS, SLAYER, DEATH ANGEL and TESTAMENT. This album takes us on an epic voyage of true thrash metal and mass condemnation of the starter track "Murderlust". Guitar tremolo, quick hooks and unstoppable blast beats of drums are throwing us in the deep end. Vocals join forces of dark bitter musicality and burning our ears. Next up is "Proclamation" full of exciting guitar licks and spills of monstrous misogyny with exploding drums and cunning vocals.

Jumping into the third track "Acid Remains" with rumbling bass as promised and drums building up a crescendo as vocals take control, then all instruments abide by the lyrics or rhythm pulsating freely. There is but an anthem of drums, guitar or bass later on slowing down only to propel back in full speed. "The Collapse" is another headbanger and the vocals as before wrap around the other instruments but leaving some space for little bursts of rage. Onwards into the next track with a growl of vocals just before "Into The Mouth Of Madness", which is simply the most aptly named track.

It is like a beast gradually awakening from its slumber, as the dynamics of the track portrays this imagery but with less vocals this time around. Clarity, focus and captivating all the way through and creative as much as before if not experimental. Vocals then reappear as there is an evil laugh and being vague so the momentum ploughs with projection into the next track. "Intermission: Deus Volt" just an electrifying metalcore sound of guitar, bass maybe and drums creeping into the next track "Crossing The Rubicon".

Slight pause of cymbal hit strikes the heart of killer guitar, dynamic bliss and wicked vocals but not excessive. Another blistering solo passage or instrumental after to bring in the next chapter, "Scavenger Of War". This eighth track is where guitar and coexist as before the drums goes into the full thrash mode doubling up on rhythm as guitar gives the cue for vocals to leap in. Guitar rhythm bounces a little and varies as thrash metal goes accenting with pounding drum blows where vocals lay down the law.

Hardcore thrash is heard towards the end of electrifying guitar and shattering applause of drums to go into the next track. "Nail Them All" with pitch shift of guitar to lead and short rhythm guitar phrases alongside drums creating a crescendo but quick enough. Vocals and guitar pump on all cylinders as guitar battles it out with drums to attract thrash fans all over the world. "Embryonic Evil" has a dark and mysterious vocal intro like a creature that has come alive as we go onto the final epic journey of gloomy yet sophisticated tones of guitar, bass & drums.

A final hurdle is crossed over with conviction and persuasion to keep the continuity going. This is a lively and active band from Norway but I am sure they will continue to impress as years go by. These lads will surely be back as strong as before and I look forward to their next release.

8 / 10









"Sinister Forces Of Hatred" Track-listing:

1. Murderlust
2. Proclamation
3. Acid Remains
4. The Collapse
5. Into The Mouth Of Madness
6. Intermission: Deus Volt
7. Crossing The Rubicon
8. Scavenger Of War
9. Nail Them All
10. Embryonic Evil

Demonztrator Lineup:

Jari Hurskainen - Vocals
Jökä Reinholm - Guitars
Timo Ahlström - Guitars
Jukkis Lappalainen - Bass Guitar
Seppo Tarvainen - Drums

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