DEMONICAL is a relatively new band from Sweden which was formed in 2006, but its […]
By Elina Papadoyianni
June 3, 2009
Demonical - Hellsworn album cover

DEMONICAL is a relatively new band from Sweden which was formed in 2006, but its members are Death Metal veterans and that shows all around Hellsworn. Former CENTINEX members Johan Jansson, Martin Schulman and Ronnie Bergerstahl, joined forces with grunter Sverker Widgren with a purpose to bring nothing less than classic back-to-the-roots Death Metal.
There isn't much to be said when a band releases something that sounds the way it should. Brutal. True. Ass kicking. Simple as that. There is nothing original, there is nothing new in this release. All the things you would expect are where they should be. The cover with the skulls, bones, branched tree logo, the furious riffs and grunts; everything is a case to be studied by younger bands.
The second album of DEMONICAL is filled with fierce, uncompromising Death Metal and it's one of the releases were you wont stumble into weird surprises or sound experiments, what you see is what you get and it screams pure fucking evil from the first track 'till the last. The production is excellent and I'm sure that Hellsworn will 'camp' for quite a while at your cd player.
It's impossible to be disappointed whether your idea of Death Metal is CRYPTOPSY, GRAVE or IN FLAMES. Recommended for all fans new and old alike.

8 / 10


"Hellsworn" Track-listing:

Baptized In Fire
World Serpent
Infernal Void
Gφtter des Nordens
Children Of Sin
Death Metal Darkness
Bow to the Monolith

Demonical Lineup:

Sverker Widgren - Vocals
Johan Jansson - Guitars
Martin Schulman - Bass
Ronnie Bergerstahl - Drums

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