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DEMOLIZER hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark were formed in 2018. The Thrash Metal outfit started initially […]
July 3, 2023
Demolizer - Postnecrotic Human album cover

DEMOLIZER hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark were formed in 2018. The Thrash Metal outfit started initially as RADTSKAFFEN in 2014, and from 2018 onwards, they released two EPs and now their second full-length album as DEMOLIZER. "Postnecrotic Human" was recorded and mixed at Plague Studios and mastered at No Masters Voice. The album has a length of about 44 minutes and it was released via Danish label Mighty Music, which has many Thrash, melodic Death, and symphonic Metal bands among their current roster.

The album starts with the title song and the album has a frantic start: aggressive Thrash Metal riffing, fast pace, and distinctive harsh vocals around the medium to higher end of the vocal range. "Postnecrotic Human" is an old school Thrash song that is all about the guitars, both the riffing and the lead guitar solo. The title track is also the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below. DEMOLIZER keeps the Thrash Metal assault going with "Fascist State". It is another track played at crazy speed with plenty of aggression. The guitar riffing is tight, and the extended lead guitar solo is very contributing and highlight of the track. As the title song includes a mid-tempo break, "Fascist State" is very direct and maintains the blistering pace throughout the track. It is a real kick-in-the-face song and one of the album highlights. "The Butcher" has a mid-tempo start with blood-freezing melodies and then transitions into another high-speed affair. Verse and chorus parts are likewise aggressive, even though the chorus lines are almost sing-alongs. "The Butcher" has all the ingredients of a great Thrash Metal track and is another album highlight.

"Crossfire" starts with a slow guitar pre-lude supported by a spoken word part and then transitioning into another fast Thrash song with flesh-ripping guitar riffing at crazy speed. There are two lead guitar solos, the first one is relatively short and embedded into a crushing mid-tempo break, while the second one is part of the final verse part. "Samarth" continues almost seamlessly with the sound and with the pace and aggression, although the riffing at the start has a bit more complexity compared to the very direct preceding tracks. However, "Samarth" is a very intense track mainly at one tempo with crunching bass lines and a lot of vocal lines following the melodies. "Killing A Friend" starts with thunderous riffing before transitioning into a fast verse part. The song has a more complex structure compared to most other songs with many tempo and rhythm changes around mid-tempo. The main melody, introduced as a short pre-lude, has a few oriental vibes which is maintained across the whole track. "Day After Day" has a slow start with the guitars and crushing bass lines. It is the album ballad and a song with very powerful guitar riffs, dark melodies, and an excellent vocal contribution with a lot of intensity. If the album needed a bit of versatility, "Killing A Friend" and especially "Day After Day" provided that.

"The Wheel" returns to the good old Thrash Metal at mid-tempo. The riffing is simple and direct and drives alongside the powerful bass lines the track forward. Although it is a mid-tempo track for most of the time, there are a few tempo and rhythm shifts. There is a down-tempo break prior to the lead guitar solo, while the solo is played at high pace. "Capital Punishment" keeps the tempo of "The Wheel" going with aggressive but catchy riffing. It is a very dynamic and intense song with a few twists in rhythm. The album finishes with "Warmonger" and, yes, after a few mid-tempo tracks, the final song is frantic at crazy speed with tight riffing, a lot of aggression, and even some playfulness in the melodies. The lead guitar solo is introduced by a mid-tempo break with powerful riffing. "Warmonger" is a great way to end a great album.

DEMOLIZER deliver Thrash Metal at its best. "Postnecrotic Human" has all the ingredients of old school classic and modern Thrash Metal: the speed, the aggression, the intensity, the flesh-ripping riffs, and the excellent lead guitars. The vocals perfectly fit to the Thrash sound and have the versatility to keep the songs together. The songs have the variety needed to keep the album fresh and dynamic. The album is well produced. "Postnecrotic Human" is crushing and DEMOLIZER set the bar very high for Thrash Metal releases in 2023.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Postnecrotic Human" Track-listing:

1. Postnecrotic Human
2. Fascist State
3. The Butcher
4. Crossfire
5. Samarth
6. Killing A Friend
7. Day After Day
8. The Wheel
9. Capital Punishment
10. Warmonger

Demolizer Lineup:

Ben Radtleff - Vocals, Guitars
Aria Mobbarez - Guitars
Max Petren Bach Hansen - Drums
Bjorn Hjortgaard - Bass

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