Relict IV


An interesting combination of America Thrash/Death Metal riffology (the Florida side, mainly, with some of […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 22, 2008
Demolition - Relict IV album cover

An interesting combination of America Thrash/Death Metal riffology (the Florida side, mainly, with some of Bay Area) and Central European/Scandinavian more-than-Heavy leads/vocals is this CD all about. DEMOLITION will surely remind you of the definition of the relative noun, while - in regards to anyone's taste - Relict IV can apply to your needs as an above-average album or (even) an exceptional release.
Not coming across this Austria-based quintet in the past, the first 'spot' my ear was caught to was the production. The guitars' volume are as solid as in a BOLT THROWER album, while the leads spit 'foreground' fire and - on second thought - seem so keen on the HYPOCRISY elemental presentations. DEMOLITION has put a lot of work in sounding in-your-face and do not seem in the mood of presenting something (relatively) 'melodic'. There surely is an integrated chemistry in the band's ranks - DEMOLITION has been active for nearly ten years now. Do not have any idea how the act's previous albums sound like - 1998's ...In The Beginning EP, 2001's Out Of No Land and 2004's Existence - but Relict IV (smart tile!) shows much of inclination for dynamic (semi-modern) Thrash/Death Metal with (however) less of identity.
And that's a drawback, for sure? Not, of course. It's just that the sequence of songs seemed somehow 'flat' to my ears. Hay, the band's really good in performing, while the outcome is as polished as aimed to reach today's standards. Singer Wolfgang does a good job, with enough aggression and persuasion, but I have the suspicion he's not following the music in some parts. Maybe it's just my idea...On the other hand, the guitars can as well be considered as the highlight of the album. More 'American' than European, with smart riffs and aiming-high double soloing, will easily bring you to some serious headbanging if you e.g. like TESTAMENT's offerings in albums like Demonic and Low.
DEMOLITION features good 'dancing' grooves, and - plus their undoubted appetite for playing some bombastic music - they will surely raise the interest of metalheads into (apart from the pre-mentioned) bands like late (current) SLAYER, DEMOLITION HAMMER, SADUS and THE HAUNTED (plus a tiny reference to NWOAHM). Not to forget; it's a good fact the album's 36 minutes long in duration. An e.g. 50-minute CD would be rather 'exhausting'.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Relict IV" Track-listing:

Relict IV
Splattered Innocence
The Fortress
Over Nails
Deconstructed World
I Am Terror
Holy Hostage
Coroner's Inquest
I Deny

Demolition Lineup:

Wolfgang Sussenbeck - Vocals
Thomas Pippersteiner - Guitars
Janos Murri - Guitars
Hans-Peter Rapp - Bass
Tom Krautner - Drums

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