Torture Garden


There are times when you simply don't understand the reason why an album was released […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 5, 2008
Demise - Torture Garden album cover

There are times when you simply don't understand the reason why an album was released or what was the band thinking when it was composing the songs that form the specific album. Not only that, but you don't even understand the whole story behind an album and you end up being rather irritated than confused for the time you wasted on writing a few words for how you like to spend your time...

Yeah, I like to spend my time listening to incredibly boring Polish melodic Death Metal bands, whose album's release date and purpose of existing are unknown to me. From what I managed to find out the album was initially released in 2005 by Crash Music, but the Polish label Metal Mind Productions presents it as the band's brand new album. What the fuck?

I am really not going to spend any time on trying to realize when and why was this album released. I will just do what I have to do and get over with it. Oh, by the way... Did I say that Torture Garden is incredibly boring? I guess I did...

Imagine an album that consists of 13 songs, which means approximately 55 minutes of uninspired melodic Death Metal with a production that is slightly far from being characterized as a 'classic' in the genre. At least every average melodic Death Metal band takes care of its sound in order to sound less crappy to our ears. DEMISE didn't spend any time or money on their sound at all as it seems.

What more can I write about such a release? If you want melodic brutality then there are tons of better albums out there waiting for your money. Since I already consider this genre to be one of the most common and boring styles of Metal music, imagine how I felt when I realized that the first time I listened to Torture Garden I had thrown away almost an hour of my time!

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Torture Garden" Track-listing:

Torture Garden
Oath Of Chaos
Termination Of Souls
Evil Deeds
Grieve No Longer
Remains Of Yesterday
Deadly Embrace
Ecstasy And Rapture
Never Ending Pain

Demise Lineup:

Przemyslaw 'OZZ' Ozga - Vocals, Guitar
Andrzej Bragiel - Guitar
Lukasz Wierzbinski - Bass
Marek Matkiewicz - Drums

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