Ways OF Enclosure

Dementia 13

A newer band hailing from Oporto, Portugal DEMENTIA 13 are a Death metal band which […]
By Michael Coyle
January 8, 2016
Dementia 13 -­ Ways Of Enclosure album cover

A newer band hailing from Oporto, Portugal DEMENTIA 13 are a Death metal band which use horror and serial Killers as their main theme, looking back there have been bands who have been able to make these topics their own. Let's see if DEMENTIA 13 have what it takes to live up to these bands and make this their home ground.

From the very start we are given an idea as to what we can expect in terms of the band's sound and the way they build their songs, this relates to the track "Beyond The Graves" has an opening which strikes a chord as it shows a demented if not nervous string of madness, which works in to the songs build to which goes in with full force and aggression which stamps down. It brings to the listener a take back to the older style of Death Metal mixed with the bands own mix of creative juices. Through the record we find that the band like using certain openings to help build towards their songs and give the fans something which sends them into a state of confusion which then bursts into pure force.

It is safe to say that when listening to this record I found myself in a place where I could visualize the band's tone and experience it firsthand. For a lot of the reviews I do it takes a lot to make me feel this experience and go deeper into what the band are capable of showing with DEMENTIA 13 I found that there was a lot I could appreciate in terms to how they are able to create fast, relentless pieces of music which show case the best of each member perfectly and without missing a note either.

"They Never Found The Body" is another track which goes into the records formula of demented openings which I have come to fully enjoy as with this band they are able to make it work in a way where you can sit still and wait for the ensuing chaos to arise.
It is easy to say that with this track we see the band go in between the extreme by mixing elements of thrash. I would also say the band take a lot of inspiration from bands such as SIX FEET UNDER and BLOODBATH as the band show us that there are still bands that pay homage to the old school while still being able to make it their own and keeping it going strong with full intensity of force with a real passion that I honestly think defines the band's music and creativity.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Ways OF Enclosure" Track-listing:

1. Beyond The Grave
2. Orgy Of Bloodshed
3. Room 36
4. They Never Found His Body
5. Only Whores Die Young
6. halloween
7. Conceived In Violence
8. Nothing In The Dark
9. Dawn Of Chaos

Dementia 13 Lineup:

Marco Silva -­ Guitars (Lead)
Alvaro Fernandes -­ Guitars (Rhythm)
Ze' Pedro ­- Bass

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