The Nemean Ordeal


DEKADENT formed during 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and have been active ever since. The Atmospheric […]
By Louise Brown
July 30, 2019
Dekadent - The Nemean Ordeal album cover

DEKADENT formed during 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and have been active ever since. The Atmospheric Black Metal band has released five full-length albums along with a compilation. Their music has been compared to that made by groups such as ENSLAVED, TRIBULATION, VINTERLAND, and IHSAHN along with several others. I didn't know much about the band at all prior to this review so I didn't know what to expect.

"Paean I" is a very brief track that serves an introduction. It's short, precise and effective. I wish more bands would create intro tracks of this nature because its limited duration creates curiosity. Longer introduction tracks tend to have the opposite effect, making the listener (or reviewer) a bit more dismissive towards the music that follows. (And now you know, haha.) Track two, "Shepherd Of Stars" contains an interesting mix of melodic and and classic elements. The background music with its prevalent bass, heavy percussion and highly prominent guitar hooks has a Stoner Doom Metal quality to it that I enjoy a lot. You can't miss the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock overtones while you listen. The vocals are Black Metal with a definite Death Metal sub-texture. When combined with the heavy backing music the result is ear candy. I listened to it several times because I honestly couldn't stop myself. "Solar Covenant" has a more raucous tone compared to the previous track. The music quickly takes on a Melodic Metal sound while the vocals retain their Black Metal/Death Metal tone. Once again, as the vocal performance by Artur Felicijan continues, it blends beautifully with the background music. The overall flow of the song is nearly perfect. It captures your attention then quite effectively takes you along for the ride. The track also features some absolutely beautiful guitar playing. The riffs, which could easily stand on their own, are woven into the rest of the music seamlessly, creating a number of great highlights as the song plays. Towards the middle of the composition, the tone becomes heavier, yet manages to move along smoothly without getting weighted down. Although the track is just over eleven minutes long it honestly doesn't seem that way while it's playing.

"Wanax Eternal" has an intro that is quite dark, which is punctuated by a single guitar solo; what great way to begin a song, too, because it really works. The vocals are low and growling, possessing a quality that is quite appealing yet extremely hard to put into the right words. (You'd have to hear it to understand so I won't even attempt to explain.) Between the vocalist's performance and the equally terrific music I'm discovering that I ridiculously drawn this track. It has an allure that those who adore dark music will completely appreciate. It's a fantastic song, there's simply no better way to sum it up. I think the track that surprises me the most is "Laventine Betrayal," which has a strangely joyous undertone despite the grim title. No, seriously, it really does. The guitars combined with the rest of the music produce a sound that has an uplifting quality  that is lovely without losing its metallic edge. As the vocals commence there is a wonderful contrast that gives the song a tone which is excellent. I'm reminded a lot of OMNIUM GATHERUM'S music while I listen. There's a similar experimental feeling about it, as if the band decided to take a calculated risk before just going for it. I love when musicians believe in themselves enough to take that leap. The result is music which is from their souls as much as their minds.

 The two final tracks on the album, "Escaping The Flesh So Adamant," and "The Nemean Ordeal (Death Of A Lion)," are also fantastic and will not disappointment anyone who takes the time to listen to them. This has ended up being another one of those reviews where I started looking for flaws yet simply couldn't locate any at all. So, it's another one of those "Add This To Your Collection NOW" albums. I love it when a review goes this way!

10 / 10









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"The Nemean Ordeal" Track-listing:

1. Paean I
2. Shepherd of Stars
3. Solar Covenant
4. Wanax Eternal
5. The Lavantine Betrayal
6. Escaping the Flesh So Adamant
7. The Nemean Ordeal (Death of a Lion)

Dekadent Lineup:

Artur Felicijan -  Vocals, Guitars (lead), Keyboards
Gajwasz -  Guitars
T.H. -  Drums
Gal -  Bass

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