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DEITUS is a Black Metal band from the UK, with three members who prefer anonymity. […]
December 28, 2018
Deitus - Via Dolorosa album cover

DEITUS is a Black Metal band from the UK, with three members who prefer anonymity. They formed in 2014 and have so far released a full-length debut in 2016. Though "Via Dolorosa" contains only five tracks, it is considered a full-length, clocking in at just under 33 minutes. Their debut "Acta Non Verba" was met with lukewarm results, receiving two reviews of 75 minutes on Encyclopaedia Metallum, one of which was titled "A strong debut needing a distinct style and sound."

"Hallowed Terror" opens with a slow and harrowing sequence, like the blood of a victim being drained in a ritualistic sacrifice. The vocals rage as the guitars settle into a groove. "Malaise" is shorter and more straightforward. At times the harmonized guitars have a NWOBHM influence in them, like a Death Metal IRON MAIDEN. Overall the sound if very depressing and solemn. "Via Dolorosa" opens with slow and steady bass guitar notes. It builds from there into a more Classical sound; not much Black Metal going on here. That is, until the vocals come in. The, it's more of an amalgam in what I would expect by the unique label...I, Voidhanger.

"Salvifici Dolores" is a nine-minute opus. It opens with an eerie and dissonant guitar riff, leading to some running double and quad drums and then blast beats and angry vocals, followed by a chaotic lead guitar passage. It builds a little and then retreats, teasing you with its evil sound. "Atonement" closes the album. Twin harmonized leads open the song, which leads to an ambient moment of feedback and slow, calculated drumming. It's a completely depressing affair, slow and dejected. Atonement is the process of cleansing. If anything, this song makes you feel worse than when you started, which is the point in an odd sort of way.

In returning to the aforementioned review, I believe they have found some sense of style in this new album. Although, it's hard to tell with just five tracks. At times they played if safe, while other times they experimented and went into different worlds. For now, I'll say it's a good release, and this is a band to keep an eye on in the future.

7 / 10









"Via Dolorosa" Track-listing:

1. Hallowed Terror
2. Malaise
3. Via Dolorosa
4. Salvifici Dolores
5. Atonement

Deitus Lineup:

Unknown Line-Up

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