I, The Devil


Power trio DEIPHAGO is a black metal band that originated in Philippines. During their first […]
By John Paul Romero
April 30, 2019
Deiphago - I

Power trio DEIPHAGO is a black metal band that originated in Philippines. During their first nine years, they have established a strong force in the underground scene of metal in Philippines. After being a criminally underrated band in their local scene, DEIPHAGO now has risen up into the global scene - and they are ready to unleash yet another beating called "I, The Devil". The album contains only eight songs and runs only for a total of 40 minutes. That played a major role on the pacing of the album. Since there are only seven songs (the other one is an instrumental intro), the album comes like a devastating tornado. The aggressive nature of the songs will leave you no time to blink, and the punishing tempos along with all the blast beats will blast your face off your skull.

It all begins with "Quantum Death" and its loads of insane drum fills, and a strong follow up "Neuro-Satanic Circuit" where they employed a frenzy of an intro lead by the drums and a droning bass in the background. Here, Voltaire's vocal prowess is on full display, dropping ultra-harsh raw vocals. The song is also more rhythmic compared to the first one, but the melodies remain minimal. With the track "11_4_6", what they have displayed is a share of their Scandinavian influence. The sound can be compared to any Norwegian black metal band. Of course, the approach on the instruments is different - here the drums is more controlled and the riffs are louder and stronger. "Deus Alienus" is another shocker with lots of Scandinavian elements, from bass to drums. It might be a bit weird, but Voltaire's vocals here would remind you of SEPULTURA's "Chaos A.D." - all of those pissed off barks of Max Cavalera.

As for the title track (which is also the last song on the album), it is the longest track at eight minutes. Because of its lengthiness, it is rightfully the most eventful song in the album. It has a dark atmosphere, an extended ambient intro, and of course - the drums still run the show. You might actually mistake it to an instrumental outro, but it's not. Remember NACHASH' "Phantasmal Trinunity"? It followed almost the same path as that album, with very dense instrumentals and minimal vocals - and it worked well in closing the album with a very dark atmosphere.

Overall, it's easy to say that "I, The Devil" is a premium quality extreme metal album. They only played through it, no fancy moves whatsoever - just pure pounding right up your face. The connection between the instruments is great, and they milked much of the brutal sound from their drums, which is undeniably their most powerful weapon. Extreme black metal fans will surely be pleased.

8 / 10









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"I, The Devil" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Quantum Death
3. Neuro-Satanic Circuit
4. 11_4_6
5. Deus Alienus
6. Chaos Protocols
7. Anti-Cosmic Trigger
8. I, The Devil

Deiphago Lineup:

Sidapa - Guitars
Voltaire 666 - Vocals, Bass
Erick Mejia - Drums

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