Degrees of Truth

From their Facebook page, DEGREE OF TRUTH is a Progressive Symphonic Metal band, blending metal […]
Degrees of Truth - Alchemists album cover

From their Facebook page, DEGREE OF TRUTH is a Progressive Symphonic Metal band, blending metal riffs, symphonic atmospheres and electronic patterns. They recently signed with Scarlet Records for this release. The album has 10 songs. "Imperfect Concoction" is the first. Charming piano notes open the song, with an air of melancholy. French horn pierces the veil, and in come some rousing symphonic elements. "Godless Symphony" is next. Right off the bat, Claudia's vocals hit you with near perfect pitch, and the chorus is rich with harmonies. The symphonic elements are there of course, but they don't overpower the sound.

"Over the Tide" has those electronic elements the band was talking about. I love them and think they add to the band's sound quite nicely. Another strong chorus carries much of the melody. It's catchy, smooth, and powerful, and that keyboard solo is money. "Wreckage of a Lifetime" is a faster-moving song with more haste and has a really nice balance between ardent Metal and catchy passages. They also use piano quite well. "Misconnection" is prettier in scope, and Claudia's vocals are delicate and wonderful, and the sound is very emotional. That crescendo towards the end will send goosebumps down your spine. "Thread of Life" is a bright ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Take in that keyboard melody and let it flow. This song might be the catchiest on the album, and the melodies are as strong as the backbone.

"Bound to Rise" begins with familiar 80's inspired guitar riff that is loaded with backing keys and vocal harmonies...another hit. This song has a few sub-melodies as well that connect with the central theme very well, and it urges you to get off your ass and grab a slice of life. The title track closes the album. Fittingly, it has positive tones that will energize the listener. Rousing symphonic elements take the song into the heavens. I have heard a lot of Symphonic Metal, especially in the last 15 years. The Metal market has been flooded with them. However, DEGREES OF TRUTH isn't your average band when it comes to the genre. The songs are carefully crafted and put together always with the right touches and finishes. The music is fun and catchy, and very well performed. The production is also top-notch.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Alchemists" Track-listing:

1. Imperfect Concoction
2. Godless Symphony
3. Over the Tide
4. Flightmare
5. Wreckage of a Lifetime
6. Misconnection
7. Tiny Box of Horrors
8. Thread of Life
9. Bound to Rise
10. Alchemists

Degrees of Truth Lineup:

Claudia Beltrame - Vocals
Daniele Brianza - Guitar
Gianluca Parnisari - Keyboards
Lorenzo Corsalini - Bass
Luca Ravezzani - Drums

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