A band unknown to me, with a really beautiful cover artwork (I love these colours) […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 18, 2009
Defamer - Chasm album cover

A band unknown to me, with a really beautiful cover artwork (I love these colours) and I am standing in the middle of nowhere trying to find something about these guys. Hmmm, a Death Metal band from Queensland, Australia. Seems it will be something good. But wait, what's this 2 minute weird intro? Isn't it a bit long for a Death Metal band and kind of irrelevant? Yes it is...

I may sound strange, but I realized some things right from the intro of this album. As I said above, it was kind of long and irrelevant to the band's music. The music was kind of what I expected, which means mediocre, with a not so good production and it could also be kind of better if these guys had put a little more effort in it. Brutal Death Metal in the vein of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, with a few good moments that show that this band could have released something way better. Chasm seems like it was released in a hurry just to be released with no real ambition hidden behind it. The Australian quintet has potential and it is a pity that they bury it in such music.

I am waiting for more from these guys and I am sure that they can offer it. This is not something that is able to attract your attention, especially when high quality Death Metal albums are around the market nowadays.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Chasm" Track-listing:

In Umbris
In Winter It Began
The Inverse Dominion
The Black Obscene
Of The Chasm
Chorus Of Whispers
Endless Hordes Expiring
Abysmal Misery

Defamer Lineup:

Tim Smith - Vocals
Sam Alcock - Guitar
Mitch Rogers - Guitar
Krist Sadler - Bass
James Geekie - Drums

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