Alchemia Aeterna

Deep River Acolytes

DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES is a band from Oulu, Finland - the land where Metal is […]
By Caio Botrel
November 27, 2020
Deep River Acolytes - Alchemia Aeterna album cover

DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES is a band from Oulu, Finland - the land where Metal is popular among the citizens. At first, I thought they were kind of a Death Metal band by their art cover, but they are actually a really heavy Rock band with Metal influences. They released their newest album "Alchemia Aeterna" through Argonauta Records and that is what we are going to talk now.

The opening track from the album is "At The Crossroads" which starts with guitar noises and a dark Rock N' Roll riff that is completed by guitar melodies and a heavy bass and drums. The vocals are clean, a little bit lower, but it really fits the song. They have mixed different genres and created their own kind of sound, which is a good thing. There is also a cool Rock N' Roll guitar solo.

"Under Her Spell" starts with a completely different vibe than the previous song, and it has Black Metal influences and characteristics on its sound. The guitar riffs and drums reminded a lot of the old Black Metal from the 1980's. There are different dynamics here, as the song turns into something with a bit more groove and Heavy Metal at some points. Nice. "Caught Somewhere Out of Time" has a completely different vibe from the other two songs, as it starts with a clean guitar followed by drums and this is easily a Doom Metal song. This song sounds a little more experimental, it has a lot of weird sounds that gave it a completely UFO alien vibe at the end.

"The River Deep" and "Veriurut" kind of mixes most of the elements from the previous song, going through more Heavy Metal, Rock N' Roll and Black Metal vibes, which made these songs very dynamic. "Cemetery Earth" is the last song from the album, and it is an epic one with its 9m45 minutes length. You will find all the influences from the previous songs here, which made that song one of the coolest from the album and the one with more variety.

DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES have written and released a great album that mixes a lot of different influences of Metal and Rock, without sounding weird. They have found their own sound and so they create great music.

10 / 10









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"Alchemia Aeterna" Track-listing:

1. At The Crossroads
2. Under Her Spell
3. Caught Somewhere Out of Time
4. The River Deep
5. Veriurut
6. Cemetery Earth

Deep River Acolytes Lineup:

JT - Vocals
TH - Guitars
AR - Guitars
EK - Bass
PV - Drums

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