Flawed Synchronization With Reality


DEEMTEE is an experimental black metal project created by NHT (Garth Arum, As Light Dies, and […]
By James Brizuela
August 13, 2019
Deemtee - Flawed Synchronization With Reality album cover

DEEMTEE is an experimental black metal project created by NHT (Garth Arum, As Light Dies, and Aegri Somnia). Hailing from Spain, DEEMTEE takes you on a psychedelic journey of gruesome black metal, spoken word, and rock and roll infused craziness with "Flawed Synchronization With Reality". I honestly wasn't sure what direction I would be taken with every track. It is a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns. The album kicks off with "Birds" which is a crazy journey that doesn't land on just one genre. The track starts with a kind of more brutal sounding rock band feel to it. It has a sort of 70s psychedelic guitar riff that turns right into a blast-beating forceful sounding song. There are some clean vocals thrown in briefly for good measure as well. I can say just from the beginning of the album, its strange but entertaining. The off-time signatures that lead back into the rock and roll sound just seem to work. There are even some choir like vocals that lead into creepy spoken word, but none of it sounds like it does not belong in the track. It is put together so coherently that I just let myself go on the journey.

This is how the entirety of the album presented itself. Every track being a relative "smorgasbord" of musical talents and genres. You could have yourself perplexed by the complete tonality of "Birds", then thrust right into the brutality of "Badtrip culmination". From the fast guitar riffing and punishing blast beats you are treated to the more prototypical black metal sound in this track. There are some alien-like keyboard sounds thrown in to add that extra layer of weirdness. Coupled with the brutality there is that rock and roll infused sound, presented by a guitar solo. Even the atmospheric sounds and beautiful woman's voice at the end of the track just seem to fit. "Multiverse recoil" brings a more death metal sound to the overall album which I can appreciate it. I'm always a fan of when bands can achieve some level of cohesive genre mixing. There is a lot going on in this album, but quite frankly, its impressive. DEEMTEE can throw all these genres into a blender and add some spoken word that makes the journey so much better. "Mirror of confusion" hits with this theme in mind. An almost deafening angelic sound blasts through and takes you on another journey of psychedelic mastery.

You can almost travel to another dimension if you just close your eyes and listen. Just when I thought that DEEMTEE was done surprising me, "Tunnel of melting black stars" comes in with that doom sound and throws me for another loop. A more depressing sound is offered in the track that just adds another layer of musical prowess to the already impressively diverse album. That doom sound is interrupted by some beautiful clean vocals that add a level of almost alternative rock sound. "Nobody out there" caps off the album in providing a beautiful acoustic melody and clean vocals. It is not lyrical in nature but is captivating, nonetheless. It is an array of woman and men's voices being projected in a beautiful way. At times I found myself scratching my head wondering what this album was but finding it easier to just listen and let it all happen. DEMMTEE provides a wide array of musical genres within a seven-track album that impresses from start to finish. Take a listen to this one and enjoy the journey.

8 / 10









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"Flawed Synchronization With Reality" Track-listing:

1. Birds
2. Badtrip Culmination
3. Glowing Serpents Everywhere
4. Multiverse Recoil
5. Mirror of Confusion
6. Tunnel of Melting Black Stars
7. Nobody out there

Deemtee Lineup:

NHT - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

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