Decrepit Birth

With a fierce brutality and beautiful melodies DECREPIT BIRTH take us on an extreme musical […]
By Ulf Classon
August 15, 2010
Decrepit Birth - Polarity album cover

With a fierce brutality and beautiful melodies DECREPIT BIRTH take us on an extreme musical journey with their new, and third, full length album "Polarity". These guys from California, US play nothing more than technical and brutal death Metal the American way but they do it so damn good that they leave most of their genre colleagues far behind. They balance on the fine line that separates good and enjoyable death Metal from the mathematical and to mechanical side of the genre.

The songs have enough hooks, twists and turns to put them on the progressive side and great parts with heavy grooves to bang your head to. Then, in between these things you can find a few acoustic and atmospheric parts that give everything an extra dimension. The only problem that I see is that the structure of the songs are too similar to each other and none of the tracks feels memorable enough to grab a hold on me. But it doesn't matter because the level of musicianship and some amazing melodies makes this album to what it is and it is one hell of a death Metal album!

The backbone of this monster is KC Howard's blistering drums that sometimes frighten me with its accuracy and guitarists Dan Eggers and Matt Sotelo's ability to change from brutal riffs to beautiful melodies without losing the thread. Together they take us on one hell of a brutal rollercoaster. Then we add Bill Robinson who handles the vocal duties. He growls with a dark and deep voice and he may not be the best I have heard but he does it in a convincing way. Then there is bassist Joel Horner who may not be the most prominent in the musical landscape but thanks to Zack Ohren's cutting edge production he's effort doesn't pass by in silence. Ohren have made a terrific job behind the mixing table and "Polarity" sounds nothing more than amazing. Every little detail in the music has its own place and he avoids making the sound to clinic.

This is my first contact with these Americans and I must say that I am totally blown away! Ok, there are a few things I want to change to make it perfect and I can honestly say that I don't remember one single song or melody from this album after I have listen to it. But every time I put it on it's a total delight. I will probably never listen to it when I have a few beers with my friends because you need to sit down and just listen to it or otherwise you will miss all the good stuff that DECREPIT BIRTH have stuffed this album with. I can really recommend this one to everyone who's into American technical/progressive death Metal.

8 / 10


"Polarity" Track-listing:
  1. (A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil
  2. Metatron
  3. Resonance
  4. Polarity
  5. Solar Impulse
  6. Mirroring Dimensions
  7. A Brief Odyssey In Time
  8. The Quickening Of Time
  9. Sea Of Memories
  10. Symbiosis
  11. Darkness Embrace
Decrepit Birth Lineup:

Bill Robinson - Vocals
Matt Sotelo - Guitar
Joel Horner - Bass
KC Howard - Drums
Dan Eggers - Guitar

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