Catalyst for Rage


Music is a creative outlet. Music is a universal language. Music is a way of […]
By That Metal Fan
April 5, 2015
Decimatus - Catalyst for Rage album cover

Music is a creative outlet. Music is a universal language. Music is a way of life. Most importantly, music is a vessel. Whether you plug in or rock the most expensive of stereo systems on the market today, from the moment your fingertips brush across the play button, music has the power to transport you to any place, and any time. The only limitations are that of your own imagination. It's this power that music has over myself and any other individual that appreciates the power, reaching for the headphones time and time again. Today, my vessel is Australia's own, DECIMATUS, and their debut full-length album, "Catalyst For Rage".

The dirt lot of a metal festival's often overlooked, but absolutely killer, second stage. Dust and smoke fill my frantic, overworking lungs as sweat and blood from my broken nose drip down my chin and splatter onto the dance floor of an immense circle pit. Are you there next to me? With this album, you very well could be. It's where this band, with this album, this level of intensity, regardless of the short resume, deserve to be.

Galloping riffs, hair raising solos, and absolutely killer tones set this groove/thrash group from every other, "newer", band I've come across for a good long while. The guitars are absolutely unstoppable and the head pounding double bass kicks will rip your head off, spit down your bleeding trachea, and have you standing there with arms wide open, waiting for more and thinking it was your idea in the first place. Vocally, I have only one word; DAMN. The power Tommy Jennings exhibits through the microphone is spot on from the beginning and while completely his own, almost familiar in a way. Almost like coming home to a vocally sound pissed off stepfather. He is a madman.

There is not one weak link in the chain with DECIMATUS. Power, groove, technique, stamina, and the ability to make this journalist smile for an entire album are just a few of the reasons, "Catalyst For Rage", is my early front runner for album of the year. Now, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, give me the horns and get yourself back in that pit.<

10 / 10


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"Catalyst for Rage" Track-listing:

1. Catalyst For Rage
2. One Foot In The Grave
3. Erosion
4. Burning Bridges
5. Ill Fated
6. Ashes To The Urn
7. Usurper
8. Fate Without Faith
9. Half Measures
10. Death Sentence (With A Plan)

Decimatus Lineup:

Tommy Jennings - Vocals
Ryan "Booga" Bulgarelli - Lead Guitar
Pauly Brammer - Rhythm Guitar
Andrew Rondinelli - Bass
Josh Rech - Drums

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