Pale Serenades

Decembre Noir

The four songs of "Pale Serenades" come from very different creative periods of the band […]
Decembre Noir - Pale Serenades album cover

The four songs of "Pale Serenades" come from very different creative periods of the band from Thuringia - at least the original versions. Chronologically descending, DÉCEMBRE NOIR's new EP offers one track from each of the albums "The Renaissance of Hope" (2020), "Autumn Kings" (2018), "Forsaken Earth" (2016) and "A Discouraged Believer" (2014). "A Swan Lake Full of Tears" opens the EP. The title of the album and the band could not be more fitting here. Smooth, swooning acoustical guitars combine with light strings, and unique vocal harmonies. "For one last time, she wants to be the swan" he sings gently. A swan is often the symbol of serenity, grace, and beauty. These qualities are offered to the listener with a side plate of solemn weight.

"Barricades" features cello notes, piano and vocals. What is it about the cello that automatically drips heavy, burdensome qualities? Lars speaks about "wishing he could forgive himself." The vocals are so thick with vibrato that it almost sounds as if he is fighting back tears. The piano notes then grow darker and extend deeper, resonating like the siren that sounds impending war. The song sways in heavy winds and light breezes, oscillating between the two. "Small.Town.Depression" perhaps reflects the ways that life in a small town can be. An electronic backbone fuels this song, and the vocals have more life to them...more energy. Depressive qualities still fill the air, but there are also notes of anger at the life you have made for yourself. Harsh vocals mark this latter quality.

"The Forsaken Earth" closes the EP, featuring Matthew Heafy (TRIVIUM). A heavy riff is accompanied by harsh vocals. This song has a distinct anger to it and Matt's vocals and riffs are unmistakable. The sound moves through stormy skies and thunderheads that clap at every turn, ending the album on a desolate indignation. The album is the perfect soundtrack for a week of successive cold and rainy days...the kind of weather that just hooks it chills into you and doesn't let go. No matter how you try, you just can't get warm, coming and going like usual but always shivering from the vulgar weather. Hunker down, empty your head of thoughts, and get lost in the cold blue tones of "Pale Serenades."

8 / 10









"Pale Serenades" Track-listing:

1. A Swan Lake Full of Tears (feat. Mick Moss)
2. Barricades (feat. Aaron Stainthorpe)
3. Small.Town.Depression (feat. Michelle Darkness)
4. The Forsaken Earth (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)

Decembre Noir Lineup:

Martin - Guitars
Lars - Vocals
Sebastian - Guitars
Stephan - Bass
Fab - Drums

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